Battle Dawn Alliance Creating Guide

Battle Dawn Alliance Creating Guide by farty16

This guide will explain how to create a strong alliance and organizing members.

Table of contents:
How to make a strong alliance
Organizing members

Step 1-Starting off (Solid Foundation)
When you start an era you have to acquire economical and military superiority. The other thing is diplomatic advantage. Getting that advantage is to befriend nearby players and create an alliance with them.

Step 2-Getting up (Raising Power)
When you have made an alliance with befriended people you will have to rally more people by convincing them to your point of view. Do this by making broadcasts to get their attention and when enough people have joined your cause you then must cultivate your people by befriending them, increasing moral, helping them etc. until your alliance has a well-trained, loyal members who will follow every command.

Step 3-Walking straight (Action)
After you have made a strong alliance you then need to capture land. Do this by capturing outposts around the perimeter of your members (assuming they have relocated already) to get a strong hold over the main area. Then try to make a distance between the other people and the members by creating a safe zone in the middle of the outposts so the members have a response time to an attack. Then make more friends than enemies because the more allies you have the more reinforcements you will have in the future. Try to turn hopeless alliances (the ones made by noobs) into your side until you need subs. The plan is to convince as many people to your side. Then try to challenge alliances at your level or lower until competition is lowered. Then, use dirty tactics on bigger alliances that you know you cannot attack head on. An example of dirty tactics is to get one of your subs to attack and get the blame. The other way is to send spies to infiltrate the alliance and make them fight among themselves until they destroy each other. Once the alliance has been weakened or divided, attack them one by one or turn them to your side. With greater alliances gone use the same tactics on the biggest alliances. Make a sub capture a relic and give it to you so you can launch mobile fortresses. The fortresses will let you lay siege on the alliances (that have been weakened) and will give you total control over the world.

After you controlled the whole world you need to assign ranks to control the wide world that still have defiant players. Ranks are:

2nd in Command-second to you in terms of power
Adviser-an adviser to help you make decisions
Strategist-he will decide the movement of the troops
Patrols-they will guard the wild areas where defiance abounds.
Counter Strike-when a rebellious alliance rises the highly experienced people will destroy the threat

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