Warframe Orokin Derelicts Guide

Warframe Orokin Derelicts Guide by ^^6Crazy Pudding

A quick guide with my experiences and tips about the orokin derelicts, the golem boss, and getting nekros without real money

First things first

So you’re all excited about update 10, I know I am. But what you really want for christmas is your two fron….I mean Nekros, you want Nekros. Well you may have heard about these new tilesets called Orokin Derelicts, but how do you get to these places I hear you ask. Fret not here’s how!

First you’re gunna need to buy Blueprints from the market. Under equipment these blueprints are called “Orokin Derelict XYZ blueprint” which means you can pick whatever mission type you want. I see you eyeing the assassination blueprint, in due time my friend. first buy a blueprint and check it out in the foundry. Some nano spores (oh look a use) slavage and poly bundles are the regular everyday mats for these babies. The last material ( mat for short my new players ) is called a navigation coordinate. These are the bad boys you’re gunna need to find

Now then, about this……..

Well theres no easy way to say this fellow Tenno. Navigation coordinates have a chance to drop from ANY storage locker or container. You know what that means? That’s right Thief’s Wit, and Master Thief are gunna become your new best friends. Some of you may have partied with them before so you know what im talking about. Thief’s Wit puts containers, mods, and materials on your mini map as little yellow dots, as well as lets you see mod locations through walls with a high enough level. So you’re going to need to hit up those levels where you pretty much know the container and locks areas by heart, because you’re about to get much more aquainted. You get around 2-5 coords per mission (This was from my personal experience a day or two after the update, since then I now know you can get more, however the next bit of information still stands), if you REALLY take your time and look everywhere. I feel like its worth it, 5 quick missions with probably getting one if any is more time consuming than one long-ish one, but the choice is up to you.

Sprinting to the foundry yet?

So you have your coords. HOT DAMN! time to run like an insane person to your foundry and throw those bad boys together. When it comes to picking which mission blueprint you’re going with, I would suggest either Exteriminate or Capture. The reason I suggest these two is because they are the ones with the least constraints such as time, or defense objective. Which brings us to….

This crap again?!?!

Thats right!!!!!!! Time to get into the assassination Blueprint. You may have noticed that the requirements for the assassination “key” (for lack of a better term) requires not just navigation coordinates, but GOLEM navigation coordinates. Thats right! more things to look for. By now its been and hour (not really) and you have your first orokin derelict ( or OD for short) mission. Remember our friends the Thief mod brothers? they’re coming back. Yes my friends you get to search for coords so you can search for coords. You’ll arrive in a familiar yet disturbing environment, giving me the same vibe i got when i played portal two. This orokin ship is in dissaray and it looks bad. What it also looks like is that we got some new areas to poke around in. For you first journey to the derelicts I suggest a nova or loki frame, the teleporting is a real life saver, allowing you to cheat you way into a loot room, and find out the real way when you leave. here it comes….you ready? EXPLORE!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. I’ve done runs with people who say they stop and look through a room before moving on for all the coords they can find, but they’re liars, I’m always the last one in a room, and when I am, I ALWAYS find a coord that everyone else rushed past. Stop, look, and try everything you can think of to find th emost golem navigation coordinates you can. I’ve gotten anywhere from 2 to all 5 in one OD mission.


Omg wasn’t that such a fun time? Well you made it out of the derelict orokin ship, with 5 PHAT golem coords, and you threw them into the foundry pot with all the other ingredients. Now we wait 3 hours ( which isnt bad considering at release the regular keys took 3 hours and the assassination took 6) and BAM! key time. OMG OMG OMG golem time, and getting nekros and AAHHHH! Chill my friends, theres is still some work to be done. So you have your key, and hopefully you managed to find 3 others with theirs, because charing is caring, and so is tradeing runs. You get to Golem’s ship and begin. Yea…you guessed it, more nav coords but the golems own? Yes you can get more nav coords for your golem keys, from doing golem missions, not bad i must say, however those arent why you’re here, its golem smashing time. Now I wont spoil the boss any more than the developers already have. All i can say is that there are two stages to the boss fight, but they are pretty self explanitory so I have faith in you Tenno. But what you need to keep in mind, is when you kill the boss, all he will drop is a mod, a shiney new mod, but a mod nonetheless. Dont panic, and rip your computer to shreds, its ok that no blueprint dropped. you get one at the end of a mission much like a defense or orokin void reward. just stick with it and you’ll come out ahead.


Basicly find coords from containers/lockers in regular or void missions
use those to make a key to find golem coords (search every nook and cranny, and I MEAN EVERY)
use those to make a key to get to golem boss ( search every noo….well you get the idea)
kill boss and find more golem coords in his mission, finish mission for random nekros piece blueprint
Rinse repeat, and cry…..a lot

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