Warframe System Alerts Guide

Warframe System Alerts Guide by FlawlessSoul

Greetings, Tenno.

This briefing will bring you up to speed on System Alerts and the potential rewards they can offer. It will also advise you on how to communicate alerts via this Alert Notification sub-forum to other Tenno, should they be unable to receive alerts directly through their Warframe, how to gain access to Unavailable locations, and how to recognize valuable rewards that other Tenno can obtain.

System Alerts

You will be notified of an alert on any location you have access to through your Warframe client. You need not necessarily have completed the standard mission at this location to receive an alert, but you must have access to it. Defeating the planetary boss (for example, Councilor Vay Hek on Everest, Earth) is not required to receive Alerts for any location.

• Unavailable locations (you will not receive alerts for) are displayed as a simple Lock symbol.
• Available but incomplete locations are displayed in yellow
• Completed mission locations are blue.

System Alerts will occur at random, at any time, but will not stay available for long. Any alert you are able to start will be displayed in the upper left corner of your system map screen, along with the time remaining, as well as an icon next to the planet (while on the system map, as below) or on the mission location itself (while on the planetary map).

Posted Image

Selecting either the alert text at the location will display the Alert mission briefing, along with rewards for completing it. Selecting the Alert icon at the planetary map level will immediately queue for a multiplayer, or start a singleplayer, mission. Many alerts will offer only credit remuneration (left), but some will offer a rare reward displayed as a question mark (right).

Posted Image Posted Image

System Alerts offering only credit rewards like the one on the left are not the concern of this sub-forum.
Please do not post credit-only missions here.


Upon successful completion of the System Alert mission, you will be presented with the standard Mission Complete debrief, listing experience and rewards gained. Should this Alert mission offer a special reward (as denoted by the (?) on the mission brief), it will be revealed here.

The ? in the mission briefing above reveals itself below as a Rejuvenation artifact.

Posted Image

If the mission offers a rare reward, it is important for other Tenno to be informed. Please check first to see if the Alert has been posted to this forum. If it has not, please use the following format as a title for a new thread (it need not be exact, but please include as much information).

? Alert – Planet, Location Time Remaining or Reward

Examples (There is no time listed as they are complete):

Posted Image

BP refers to the reward being an item Blueprint instead of an Artifact, which is listed by its name.

You may wish to check this forum for any existing System Alert notices periodically, or subscribe to notifications, to be notified of any System Alerts without activating your Warframe client.

If you were the one posting the new thread (not a reply), you can edit the title to allow other Tenno to see the reward at a glance (without having to access a thread and check replies). If you were replying, please let other Tenno know in the first available thread.

To edit the title of your own thread to show the alert mission, first edit the post:

Posted Image

Then access the full editor to change the title:

Posted Image

Gaining Access to Unavailable locations

Alerts may happen on any location on any planet, from Terminus to Hades. Due to this, there may be alerts posted in this forum on locations some Tenno do not have access to. If you see a notification here for an alert, but not through your client, you may wish to post under the existing notification thread requesting assistance in accessing the Alert. A further advanced Tenno may then add you to their contacts and invite you to join them.

Conversely, if you have not yet completed an alert where other Tenno are requesting aid, please take the time to assist them.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this System Alert briefing.

Good luck, Tenno.

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