SmashMuck Champions Jumping Guide

SmashMuck Champions Jumping Guide by Sparky

So, let’s talk about jumping. Relatively unknown to nerds, jumping is the process of leaving the surly bonds of earth by means of vertical acceleration, as if to summit the sky like a sparrow. Often performed with the legs, jumping is the perview of atheletes, a thing my car battery requires regularly, and what white men simply can’t.

So, jumping is Smashmuck is an important element of locomotion and strategy. Arenas are all multilevel, with upper paths, overlooks, and deadly pits and crevices. Knowing how to jump, what you can jump on, and jumping’s secrets can speed you up, and save your life.

  • All characters can jump. Speed affects jump length; a really fast Zert, using his boost skill, can leap a tremendous distance. Jumping is default keybound to the Spacebar.
  • All characters and bots can be jumped upon. Headjumping can be used to reach higher levels, to break through cluttered battlefields, and for comedic effect. Some turrets and spawned items can be jumped on, too– if you’re a Mainframe, Sprout, or Platimus, you can build a turret/egg next to a wall, and footstool it. Health and energy stations can also be jumped, but that’s rarely useful.
  • As a note, Ace can jump twice the height any other champion can. Because jetpacks.
  • Jumps can be twisted in-arc. Suppose a Rookwall is blocking your path on a bridge. You could attack it, but that would take time. You could go around; that would take longer. Or, you can jump around it, putting just enough english on your leap to curve around it. It’s an advanced skill, to be sure, but it can really ruin an opponent’s day when executed well.

Alright, we got that? Cool. Keep jumping. Make a boy-yoi-yoing noise with your mouth when you do. And plant your feet in the face of your enemy with pride, you noble smasher, you.

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