SmashMuck Champions Scuttlemuck Builds Guide

SmashMuck Champions Scuttlemuck Builds Guide by SomewhatBear

I created a few builds for those who look forward to playing scuttlemuck once their routines are fully unlocked at level 30:

Tank Scuttle

ScuttleMuck was created to be a support tank that can still deal damage, however we want to focus on him being as beefy and supportive as possible.


5x Resistance Training
5x Tacos or 5x Sparring Practice or 5x Balance Ball
5x Aromatherapy or 5x Applies

-Resistance Training allows Scuttle to reach payday as often as possible by upgrading his attack speed, Tacos give a lot of bonus health but it’s your choice to use more resistance or more health. Aromatherapy or Apples is another choice whether you want health or energy regeneration, personally I use energy regeneration because he runs out frequently. Pretty self-explanatory.

-Respawns faster or gains energy while you’re tanking.

Weapon Plumber tools
-Makes your heal better, since the other two options increase offensive capabilities which aren’t so useful. Also increases skill by 2, which helps because you aren’t building for damage.

Alternatively you can use this build to increase your damage however it’s far inferior.

Skill Scuttle

-Focuses on dealing as much damage as possible with skills.

5x Skill Training
5x ChestPaddles or 5x Meditation
5x Aromatherapy or 5x Wet Towels

WeaponTropical Gear/Plumber tools
-Increases damage on his first skill that also is his cheapest skill to use and applies a debuff that reduces resistance. Could also go with Zen Cannon but I don’t think that it’s as useful. Plumber tools doesn’t upgrade individual’s damage but upgrades your skill by 2 points, so of course that’s an option.


Plunderball Your main purpose will be defending the ball through the use of your cannon to knock runners down and back so they are delayed a couple seconds. However, Scuttlemuck needs to still focus on being around his allies or else his Lure skill and his healing skill will not be as effective unless he’s in a group. Plus, his damage is quite low and he is likely not going to be able to knock someone out 1v1, especially most runners.
Siege Your objective here is to gain control of the bomb by rushing it and cannon-balling anyone else who tries to control the center of the map. An alternative is if your team goes for a full rush on a side’s turret. You’ll want to avoid using cannonball unless necessary and focus on Hexing the turret and healing allies while getting payday up by auto attacking the turret. He also wants to try to concentrate on knocking back enemies with the bomb so they cannot blow something up, which is his main role in defending.
Destroyer Again a more defensive yet offensive role as you attempt to keep enemies away from your colossus or energy crystals by using cannon ball, and staying in the general area of your allies to hex the enemy bot or to heal your allies as they go about your business.
Conquest Probably Scuttle’s worst mode because he excels at being in large fights and generally this mode involves small skirmishes. Can defend and attack just as well with cannonball but will often fail to do much especially if left alone.

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