Marvel Heroes Hulk Basic Tips

Marvel Heroes Hulk Basic Tips by KusanagiJin

Hello everyone.

I started this post not to make a guide myself but to create a community effort to gather information and probably create a better guide later on, but for now i’ll just share my experience as a Hulk player so far.

Just to clarify i’m no pro player, and i’m still lvl 29 and haven’t defeated Doom yet, so i’m not here to let my ego rain into anybody.

Alright let’s begin:

Why i played Hulk?
Because he’s my favorite Marvel character, that’s it, there wasn’t too much to it besides that, and he’s the character i played since early release in MH.

Why should YOU play Hulk?
If you like smashing and trampling your way through everything, then this is the char for you, this guy can quickly dispatch lots and lots of mobs without breaking a sweat, also when clearing mobs there is a lot of chance of getting red orbs anyways so it gets easier. It’s great for solo play since you can just jump around and do your thing, but don’t count him out parties, it’s just that you shouldn’t be jumping outside the range of your allies and you don’t have any kind of taunt to be considered main tank, so you might feel “caged” sometimes

General stuff (mostly solo play):

– Having 1 intelligence is a total pain as you get -15% exp gain, which is removed at level 26! Keep this in mind when leveling.

– Hulk is not really a tank, he’s more like a bruiser mob clearer with many AoE options and some DoTs in his arsenal, my general tactic is draw mobs closer -> jump in -> smash -> smash -> SMASH! (step 1 can be avoided if they are still together)

– Some may argue that “Hulk Tough” makes him a good tank but i think Defense is either bugged or mechanics are not very well explained as the buff (which seems like a HUGE numer) doesn’t seem to do much, although i’m leveling it because big numbers look cool.

– I only use basic punches when i run out of juice (spirit) therefore with the free Hulk reset given lately i stopped leveling them, i only have them at level 1 (some higher due equipment buffs)

– Mighty Smash is the main dmg tool right now, dmg is VERY high and can get higher if you get a knockdown from it.

– Destructive Mayhem is another must, it deals damge while you spam Mighty Smash, but leveling it up doesn’t seem to do much.

– Short Temper and World Breaker skills don’t seem to scale very well, but getting 1 or 2 points is ok if you want to use many anger abilities or you like to use Unbridled Rampage often.

– Rubble Toss is fantastic against some bosses that you can dodge their attacks (Juggernaut, Magneto post nerf, Mega Sentinel) it deals great damage and you can also use it when you are snared (trust me you’ll love this skill in the Savage Land); it also deals AoE dmg woot!

– I decided not to use anger abilities myself as i don’t think it fills fast enough to make them effective, damage on Mighty Roar is not much i think and i just rather do damage and dispatch enemies than just stun them.

That’s it for now, let’s keep adding more

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