Kings and Legends Region 1 Silver Heron Ridge Enemy Decks

Kings and Legends Region 1 Silver Heron Ridge Enemy Decks by Plasma

1-1 Cathedral of the Goddess
Enemy Deck:
Goblin Rogue (Common) 3x
Enemy Health: 2 HP
Comments/Tips: Pretty straightforward match, easy to win.

1-2 Eastern Church Grounds
Enemy Deck:
Goblin Rogue (Common) 2x
Goblin Mobster (Common) 2x
Enemy Health: 3 HP
Comments/Tips: Pretty easy match, doesn’t take much work.

1-3 Border Farm
Enemy Deck:
Goblin Mobster (Common) 2x
Senior Ogre (Good) 1x
Ogre Hercules (Common) 1x
Enemy Health: 4 HP
Comments/Tips: Watch out for the Senior Ogre as it has the ability to regenerate life.

1-4 Town of Folksvangur
Enemy Deck:
Senior Ogre (Good) 2x
Goblin Bully (Good) 2x
Goblin Mobster (Common) 1x
Ogre (Common) 1x
Enemy Health: 5 HP
Comments/Tips: Goblin Bullies have ability to counter attack, so they can rack up damage easily on unprotected weaker creatures.

1-5 Town Hall
Enemy Deck:
Venomous Bat (Common) 5x
Venomous Bat (Good) 3x
Goblin Bully (Good) 2x
Goblin Poacher (Good) 2x
Goblin Mobster (Good) 2x
Goblin Rogue (Common) 2x
Enemy Health: 16 HP
Comments/Tips: Your first experience in a battle with a partner, and probably your first experience with a champion unit. Watch out for poisonous bats, they continue to deal damage if they hit you even after they die.

Additional Details: Each gives a 1800 human reputation reward when unlocked in the human bonus section, and first time completion of the region grants a 11,000 human reputation reward.

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