Kings and Legends Ranger Deckbuilding Tips

Kings and Legends Ranger Deckbuilding Tips by Dreagsharr

Here’s my point of view on the skills:

– Double Stab: this is the most important skill ranger has and i use 3 of each in every deck. The very best!
– True Shot: very good in any game mode, but overall double stab is by far better, however ranger has a high variety of damage skills and you might not want to use 3 of this skill, not even in 1v1
– Rupture: this is my favorite skill for anything aside of 1v1 where it’s too high cooldown to use, i use it even there regardless because i can’t take this game serious with all the ridiculous rush running around. With a level 10 helm enchantment and around level 40 ranger reputation this skill can crit 4 units for 8 damage each and return to your hand often enough to make it a must include. At least in 2v2 and 4v4 i would always use 3 if mastery level is high enough.
– Swift Death: is probably the 3rd best skill ranger has right now, but you need high mastery for it and also it should be at least epic or above! I use one in 4v4 and if i had legendary i would add it to my 2v2 deck also.
– Reveal Weakness: is a completely underrated card that can sometimes work MUCH MORE better than true shot. True shot can be reduced, but reveal weakness simply double any damage a creature takes! It doesn’t have to be physical. I am not saying it’s better than true shot, but it can deal an awful lot more damage than true shot can deal if upgraded one level above reveal weakness. Still needs also much better timing and planning. On the plus side it also has mastery. Use at epic level and above.
– Decay: is nice if you use eacan/azrael/elke anyway, but even then only add it with high ranger reputation level. I would use decay only with something that has multi-targeting damage. Even makes Jasmine Dervish a great card combo! But for the sake of simplicity eacan and decay is a great combo. I don’t use any in PvP and neither in dungeon because it’s hard to pull both cards at the right time.
– Flashbomb: decent skill but don’t use it without high mastery and then use 1 or so in 2v2 and 2 at most in 4v4. And overall rupture is by far more stronger, better, faster skill to the win! Flashbomb just delays your opponent’s units to get killed.
– Disinformation: it’s not very good since what you want to do is KILL enemy creatures and not delay them, but without a mage in team this is the best answer you got vs augustus bael and other annoying high cooldown units or overbuffed units. (not sarya, just kill sarya with a double stab) High mastery is greatly encouraged for this card and i suggest having it at least epic level.
– Sunder Armor: skill is good if you got no other answer to armor. But i suggest trying to get a unit with sunder armor or holy light instead of that skill, because field presence is more important and sunder armor needs to be at least legendary + you need 40+ ranger rep to make that skill worth including even once.
– Sow Disorder: one of the least useful cards and definitely need high mastery and high rarity level to be useful. Otherwise i wouldn’t bother at all. But if you do have it return often then you should use it. That probably won’t be the case unless it’s legendary and you got ranger level 45+ or something.
– Disturbance is a skill i don’t really like and to be fair it’s the worst skill ranger class currently has in the current environment. But if you got it high enough (epic/legendary) and high mastery you can give it a try. But do NOT expect it to be useful. :/


– Cloaked Shot: good for any deck where you got straight for the hero kill, which include a hero bane deck in 4v4. But other than that i wouldn’t bother.
– Frenzy: it’s decent vs rush, but not great and to be honest NOT really good. However it works very well in dungeons such as shimmering cave stage 2 where most goblins are 2 cooldown and also in desert fortress stage 1. Other than that it’s quite a horrid skill.

The King of skill cards:

– Swift Raid: Now this is considered to be the very best skill of all and by that i mean better even than armagedon and last stand. I kind of agree it is, but i suggest trading it for a godlike king (GODLIKE OR NO DEAL!) unless you are desperate and careless like me. Personally i prefer a king card, because i am ignorant like that. Anyways it’s highly useful and very strong, but doesn’t ensure winning games more than other cards. It does need thinking, it does need planning and it need 4 units perfectly grouped to get the most out of it … well unless you use rush, in which case you never needed to do any thinking at all to win, with or without swift raid.

As for units pack high utility units like sunder armors, damage reducers and vigilance/backstab. Healers are also good but not mandatory. Inspires are great too but you don’t need many of them. Nimbles play a major role in winning a game, so they are a must include but you shouldn’t rely on them alone.

Also most characters in the game are useful and should be added (if you don’t play rush) you can grind gold and buy following easy:
– First and most of all Eacann + Azrael since they clean lines and do multi target damage.
– Tanwen is a great card if you got 1 or 2
– Ofeigur and Faol are both great protectors for your units and are great in any game mode.
– Desperate Soul i think everyone should have 1 in their decks in about any game mode unless they rush.
– Velyn is a must have, must include in most decks
– Sorann will one day be available in the PvP shop and i suggest getting one! Amazing unit.
– Silva good tank, even better behind tanwen or a tengu with bleeding attack or with rupture!
Not very fond of, but still very strong cards:
– Ryli is good to stall opponent and can be seriously trouble for the enemy units if you got it well protected. With her low attack and all magic resistant units she might not be easy to protect forever.
– Tariel, Mifzuna, Maia, Lucius are all amazing in a rush deck.
Following are hard to get unless you got VIP level to buy masters/kings pack:
– Augustus is also very important card for any game mode. Probably no good in 1v1 if you are not a priest, but in that case just add units with inspires to the deck.
– Vel assar is a very important unit to have in any game mode.
– Bael is great too, but not as strong as Augustus and good in 1v1 only if you play for fun.
– Chief Lionroar is a very good card despite the appearance at first sight. It really is a game change despite his looks.
– Arya is decent if you use many human units in 2v2/4v4
– Kathryn unlike Arya is super amazing if you play lots of elves and kind of a must have must include in those type of decks.
Rare dungeon pick:
– Halfblood totem: this is a truly godly card and if you can get it then always include it. It’s super amazing and a real must have!
– Adonis: this is about as annoying as vel assar, or even more if played and planned right
– Cerberus Hegemon: this is decent / great in 2v2 and 4v4

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