Kings and Legends PvP Guide

Kings and Legends PvP Guide by Tombstone

Hello and welcome all. I am Tombstone and hopefully this guide can help you get better at the Player Vs Player (PvP) aspect of this marvelous game we have come to love and hate, Kings and Legends. For starters I would like to thank all those who have and will have input on this guide. I would also like to apologize for taking this long to start it. Let’s get started on the basics.

I will be using various abbreviations in this guide. Will be updated accordingly.
[R]=Rare [E]=Epic [L]=Legendary [GL]=Godlike H&R=Hit & Run CDx=Cooldown
TBx=Thunderbolt(x will be the number of said ability) RESx=Resistance ARMx=Armour

Deck Building
This is probably the most important part of PvP. Your deck is your sword and shield. What you place and how you use it will be your key to victory. Ideally, but likely improbable, you want to be able to build a deck that can handle all of your match ups. No deck is perfect and it takes a lot of time to create a deck that is efficient and that you’re comfortable with.

I will start this by saying you will NOT win every game. This is a very tough concept sometimes because you feel your deck is good and next thing you know you are getting your behind handed to you. There have been times where I myself have been on horrid losing streaks and let frustration get the best of me. The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to take a break and let it go. This game is a very fun game but can be very irritating within a matter of minutes pending your tolerance of some of the stuff that happens in this game. Moving on from this.

Onto the deck building. Now depending on your play style, your deck should be both comfortable for you to use as well as effective during combat. There are plenty of cards in this game and a lot of the cards have multiple uses in this game. For example, Horseman [E] is a 2/9 CD1 Unit that’s used in rush a lot. I use him to counter rushers the same way they use him to attack. Since he has a CD of 1, he is ready to go at anytime. He’s also very good at chasing those H&R Bowman.

Here is are the units to the deck I use currently. While it isn’t perfect, this has been a very good deck for me.

CD1: 2
Horseman [E] x2

CD2: 2
Elven Guard [E] x1
Mynx Hammershock [E] x1

CD 3: 8
Heavy Repeating Crossbow [E}] x1
Champion Knight [E] x1
Blessed Elven Samurai [E] x1
Elven Thunder Mage [E] x2
Zeeva Stonebreaker [E] x1
Zombie Sentinel [E] x1
Wolfcan Battle Drum [E] x1

CD 4: 10
Elven Rebel [L] x1
High Priestess [E] x1
Velyn The Unscarred [E] x1
Elven Legionnaire [E] x2
Feles Assassin Master [E] x1
Captain [E] x1
Priestess [R] x1 (Extra long sad face)
Templar [E] x2

CD 5: 1
Silva The Frozen Heart [L] x1

Now my unit line up seems to be cluttered with CD 3s and up, but this is covered by my Ranger’s skills being able to kill early units quickly with cards like Frenzy and Double Stab. My deck touches base with a lot of issues I had before. While I don’t rank high, mainly due to me not playing as much as I used to, I do have success in playing when I do play PvP. Units with the Nimble and Vigilance abilities are very important to your success with the current Meta. A lot of the decks you will play against will be rush, most being Mizfuna/Military Charge Rush. These decks are very hard to play against. Mainly because their decks are normally much smaller than yours and they have quick removal cards to hit hard and fast. The main strategy is to out last them. This is where your Armored and Nimble Units look amazing. The longer you last against the rusher, the higher are your chances of winning that game. Again, you will not win all your games.

If you find yourself losing to a particular card or just losing in general, its common to want to switch stuff around. This is fine so long as you don’t turn your deck into an anti of the card you’re playing against and lose to everything else. There are many ways to deal with a lot of cards, most can be solved by minor adjustments to your play style as well as you deck. An example would be that Desperate Soul used to be a card I ha trouble with. I started playing multiple cards with Holy Light in hopes of dealing with it. In return my deck lacked power to deal with other cards that cause problems. So in the long run I chose to play the Elven Rebel & Elven Blessed Samurai because of their RES5 & RES4, respectively, as well as Feles Assassin Master because of her Ambush/Sunder Armor ability to hit Desperate Soul for 8 damage one shot killing it most times.

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