Kings and Legends Healer Deck

Kings and Legends Healer Deck by AjaX

With the addition of the amazing new collection of cards 1.1 has given us I’ve picked up a few tricks and decks that have made themselves stand out, that weren’t just rushes! All of them have been effective for me in pvp bouncing between 1150-1450 pvp rating depending on the kinda day i’m having.

Since this is the first deck in this series I’m trying I’ll let you know the two most straightforward common and effective ways to win KaL pvp. Overwhelm your opponent before they can do anything about it, and block their lanes… OR force them into a long drawn out duel in which you try to use as few cards as possible to burn as many of their cards as possible.(when you break it down that’s exactly what you’re doing, 2 spells + a monster for one of your monsters = 3:1 putting you at an advantage when they don’t have those spells for later)

This is the first deck to start my new list of deck’s that I’d like to start guides for. None of these cards are that rare nor do they have to be epic, though it is way better to have nothing below epic in pvp and the cards I’m using for this example have epic rarity! I’m going to try to do these with medium rare and lower cards. No rares or super rares! for the most part. Obviously these are not set in stone feel free to substitute.

Without further ado here is my healer deck!
Pontiff Faol x1
Desperate Soul x1
Crusader Lucanus x1
Tanwen Wildfire x1
High Priestess x2
Priest x3
Sentinel x2
Paladin x3
Templar x2
Ogre Hercules x2
Armoured Lizard x2
Feles Assassin Master x1
+ The spells of your class choice!

This may look a little odd, and kinda weak… but lets break it down.
For the front line, you have 3 types of tanks;The lizards, the Hercules, and the Sentinels. The Lizards have armor 3, the Sentinels have Armor 2 and the Hercules have 17 health, all considerably tanky + the best tank in the game at Desperate Soul. Get one of those on the front line and your opponent will have to blow multiple cards to get it out of the way, putting you at an advantage.. This is a long and extremely drawn out, but very entertaining and effective strategy. Behind, or in front of them, you have Crusader, and Pontiff. Both medium-high hp, and restoring powers.. + Pontiff has Martyr. Soak damage and regain HP. Then your back line will consist of your healers, your vigilances for defense and your one hero’s bane… that won’t take damage. In this deck you have a total of Heal +27 and Regen +2. It is extremely hard to break these tanks and Tanwen will take virtually no damage from Immolation.

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