Kingdoms of Camelot Bonuses and Debuffs Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot Bonuses and Debuffs Guide by BadOmen

So, you have a Throne Room and you see all those items with all those words on them…but, what do they all mean?

Well…there are basically two types of “effects” that you get from the Throne Room. You have Bonuses and Debuffs.

Bonuses are effects that enhance some aspect of your kingdom and/or troops. They are used to increase resource production, reduce training times or boost certain stats for your troops.

Debuffs are like kryptonite to Superman. They allow players to reverse the effects of each others’ Throne Rooms (as they apply to troop stats) and, in doing so…make their own troops a little stronger through attrition. Have you seen the movie “Gladiator”? Remember the end of the movie where Joaquin Phoenix pays Russell Crowe a visit just before their big, epic duel in the Arena? Remember how he stabbed Russell Crowe? Same thing here. Since Joaquin couldn’t suddenly make himself stronger or faster…he injured Russell Crowe in order to give himself a fighting chance.

Kabam put a Throne Room Guide of their own together when they first released it.

The following section is pulled directly from there. I will add in my own commentary if I feel it is necessary to break this down to a little more “understandable” level than what they posted it as. But, for the most part, it is pretty easy to understand.

Throne Room Items are items that can be won in battle that provide bonuses to your Kingdom. There are over 300 different bonuses ranging in potency and effect so players are able to use different items to customize their Throne Rooms. Each Throne Room Item is comprised of 5 important pieces of information: Type, Quality, Suffix, Upgrade, and Effects.

There are 6 different types of Throne Room Items: Throne, Window, Banner, Table, Advisor and Trophy. Item type is included in the item name and can be seen in the item icon.

Item Effects are the Buffs and Debuffs that a Throne Room Item provides to your Kingdom. These Effects can increase the strength of your Troops, decrease the strength of an enemy’s Troops, increase resource production, and much more. You can view all the available Buffs and Debuffs here: Throne Room Effects Explained

All Throne Items can have up to 5 Effects, but not all of these Effects will initially be activated. The number of Effects activated is determined by the Item’s Quality.

Item Quality determines how many Effects are active for a certain item. There are 6 different item Qualities: Simple, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Wonderous.

Each Quality has the following number of active Effects:
Simple – 0 Active Effects
Common – 1 Active Effects
Uncommon – 2 Active Effects
Rare – 3 Active Effects
Epic – 4 Active Effects
Wonderous – 5 Active Effects

In an Item’s tool tip active Effects will appear in black text while Inactive Effects will appear in grey text.

All items acquired start a +0. As the Upgrade increases, the five effects, will become stronger. Item upgrading is not currently available, but this functionality will be added in an upcoming release.

The name of each Throne Room item is comprised of 3 parts: Quality, Type, and Suffix. The Suffix is determined by the item’s 5th and most powerful Effect.


Throne Item name = Wondrous Chair of Rage
Type = Chair, Quality = Wondrous, Suffix = Rage (5th Effect boosts Attack)

Throne Room Tool Tip 
A Throne Room’s item Type, Quality, Suffix, Effects, and Upgrades are viewable in the Item’s Tool Tip. You can access the Tool Tip by scrolling over your acquired Throne Room Item in your Throne Room Inventory. Here is an example of the Throne Room Tool Tip:
1. Quality
2. Type
3. Suffix
4. Upgrade
5. Effects
6. Icon – also appears in the Throne Room Inventory

Now, the Suffix isn’t just some random name. It is actually based on the item’s 5th (Wonderous Level) and most powerful effect. So…if you are looking for a specific effect, pay attention to the suffix your item has.

Following are the lists from Kabam as far as what suffixes pertain to which effects. Bonus and Debuff effects have a different set of suffixes.




One thing that I would like to point out regarding the bonuses and debuffs is that there are basically 2 types of bonuses/debuffs: General and Troop-Specific.

General bonuses/debuffs apply to ALL troops, or are the non-troop related effects such as Troop Training or Resource Production. Personally, I prefer to focus on these, so that I don’t have to keep changing my Throne Room depending on what my opponent has or is sending at me.

Troop-Specific bonuses/debuffs apply to a single troop type. These bonuses/debuffs will be labeled as Infantry, Ranged, Horsed or Siege bonuses/debuffs. For example, a Ranged Attack Bonus will only affect the Attack stat for your Archers and no other troop. This limits your Throne Room a bit in my opinion and means that you need to keep altering your Throne Room, based on what you are attacking/being attacked with.

**DO NOT confuse “Ranged” with “Range”. I mention this because I have seen numerous people do it before.

Lastly…there are two final bonuses that you will see that might be a little confusing. They are “Bonus to PvP on Offense” and “Bonus to PvP on Defense”. For starters, PvP means “Player versus Player” and refers to you attacking(Offense) or being attacked(Defense) by another player.

Both of these effects add a bonus to your troops’ Attack and Defense stats.

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