Imperium Galactic War First 14 Days Guide

Imperium Galactic War First 14 Days Guide by Gilheru

The purpose of this guide is to provide some guidance for the new player that is looking for the most optimum route to being competitive. Back when the game first started the first round of protected bases were bubbled for close to 2 months as the developers worked through all of the issues. As a new player, you’ll only start with 7 days. If you are not careful, when that protection goes away you will find yourself in a hostile world full of griefers and no real way to fight them off. This strategy won’t make that problem go away completely, but it will help immensely.

Keep in mind that you will be performing several of these steps at the same time (that’s why they are listed as priorities and not steps). I recommend reading through this post in its entirety and using your own best judgement to determine when you can successfully multi-task.

— Priority 0: The Newbie Offer

For the first 7 days your account is active you will have the option of buying the in game currency and receiving a bonus of extra palladium and another 7 days of base protection. Roughly 5 days into this process you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not this game is for you. If it is, I highly recommend purchasing 10 palladium for $1 USD. Not only will you get 50 bonus palladium, but you’ll extend your starting bubble. It’s also money well spent. While the game is free-to-play, it isn’t free-to-make, and supporting the developers with just a dollar goes a long way towards making this game better.

— Priority 1: Complete the Tutorial Missions

This should go without saying, but you should be able to clear all of the missions through the first 2 chapters without much difficulty. Just do what they say and collect the easy resources.

— Priority 2: What NOT to build… yet.

As you move through the tutorial missions you’ll notice you can build a number of buildings that the tutorial doesn’t cover. For the most part you will want to build all of them. There are some exceptions though:

Since you are likely new to the game, several concepts need to be explained before this will make sense.

The first concept is that of blueprints. You can research weapons and technology up to level 5, but the good stuff, level 6 and above, you have to find in the form of blueprints. If you want to be competitive early you need to make sure you get the right blueprints early on, and it can be tricky to control blueprint availability if you are not familiar with the system. If you don’t you will make your work much, much more difficult if not impossible.

The second concept is base rating. Essentially, the more stuff you add to your base the higher its rating goes. It’s possible for an enemy player to attack your base and get a blueprint, but only if your base is level 5 or higher. So, to make your base less desirable to attackers, don’t add anything you don’t need to.

The third concept is high value base structures. Everything in your base that your opponent destroys except pylons awards them credits. But, while your base will always be worth at least a little to an attacker, some buildings are worth more than others. Those buildings are:

  • Command Center: The attacker will steal 10% of your resources if this is destroyed.
  • Resource Depot: The attacker will steal 5% of your resources for each of these destroyed.
  • Labs (DefenseShipTechWeapon): An attacker’s chance of being awarded a blueprint will increase for each of these destroyed.

— Priority 3: Upgrade your Command Center and Communication Center to level 4.

As a new player you are going to quickly be resource starved. Because of this it’s important to both complete missions and upgrade your Communication Center. Nothing can be a higher level than your Command Center and you need your Communication Center at level 4 to get your second resource contracts active. So, both of these need to be upgrades to level 4 as soon as possible.

— Priority 4: Upgrade your Labs and learn some new technologies.

This step is pretty important. If you don’t follow it precisely your blueprint farming efforts will be much more painful. Do not research anything not listed here unless a mission tells you to.

— Priority 5: Building a farming fleet.

Construct six heavy fighters, each with 3 installations of Pulse Laser II, 1 installation of Neutronium Armor II and 1 installation of Mass Lightening I. Upgrade your Shipyard however much you need to have enough power necessary for your new fleet. Level 3 should be sufficient. Increasing the level of your Dock can also make farming easier. Neither should need to go over level 3 though.

— Priority 6: Farm core Blueprints.

If you’ve followed the instructions above you will have met the requirements for 4 blueprints: the light figher, the heavy fighter, the pulse laser and the sentinel mount. You will want to complete all 4 of these before you perform any other lab research. Locate NPC fleets of level 5-8 and destroy them until you have completed these plans.

— Priority 7: Upgrade your Command Center and Communication Center to level 7.

Though you are probably less resource starved now that you are farming NPC fleets, getting your Communication Center to level 7 unlocks your third and final contract and it should be a priority at this point; especially since your labs should be left alone until you complete your core blueprints.

— Priority 8: Upgrade your Reactor Station to level 7.

Your 7 day bubble is getting close to running out at this point, so it’s time to start thinking about your defenses; placing pylons and point defense platforms. This guide isn’t going to go into exhaustive detail on base defenses, but there are a couple of things you should know:

  • The base platform is a horrible place to build a base. If you are keeping your Command Center level high you should have plenty of platform pieces you can use to build your base somewhere else on the map that isn’t constrained by those dead-construction-zones on the corners and a huge block of space you can’t place pylons on.
  • Pylons have a huge amount of hit points and are your primary base deterrent. You want your enemy shooting pylons while your guns are shooting them.
  • Point defense platforms, on the other hand, are extremely fragile. Upgrading them only increases their health, but their health is so low you’re better off focusing on upgrading pylons.
  • Do not place barrier generators yet. Until you add a barrier technology to a barrier generator, the barrier generator is useless. And since you don’t even see your first barrier technology until your defense lab is level 5, placing a barrier generator only increases your base level without giving you any real benefit.

At this point your path starts to become your own. If you followed this guide you now have heavy fighters with a ton of hit points and some pretty awesome weapons and some extremely powerful base defense guns that are well above your base level. You will have the advantage against your enemy and your base will be so well protected that you won’t be worth the repair time to farm.

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