Imperium Galactic War Starter’s Guide

Imperium Galactic War Starter’s Guide by Genifer

Reading helps, as will doing the tutorial. I assume if you are here then you did, or its too late.. Okay well don’t panic most of what you can find here in forum is just buried in a lot of unnecessary ‘other’ information. If you missed out on the tutorial then you will want to read the “Ask Eights” info located on left side of screen in the blue lady Icon above the word HELP. This is some of the basic information you will need to guild you.

Forums and the wiki page are your next best place to find information. Here is link to wiki Wiki link click this. To help you narrow your search and keep things short here as possible, you should notice that there is a “search bar” on the upper right side of your screen to the extreme far side of where it says community etc ending in profile. You can enter a subject there, like “How to move my fleet in combat” and then search for phrases. Best bet is to just enter some of what you want like “Move Fleet Combat”. If you get too much then add more (or less) and try to narrow your search down. Get involved by using Chat or post in the threads but to help cut down on further unnecessary often miss-named information and try to USE the search tool first. Post in existing threads if you can find a relevant one available.

Even better you should think about joining an alliance. This is like a small team within your team. Having an Alliance should give you a option to use the alliance chat and work out some of the beginning types of problems you may run into. These players are probably a bit more experienced and can even help you with getting ahead by dropping cargo to boost your resources. The possibilities are quite broad here depending on the nature of the players you decide to join.

When you start you do not want to leave your fleet just sitting or “parked” out side of base. The vast majority of players shortly learn this is a quick way to just feed the enemy extra credits and find yourself with repairs.
You have turrets and shield generators to defend your base, they don’t do anything if you do not refit them. (try searching “Refit defenses” for help here)
“Link Coordinates” the option when you click on an object on the map, will not move your fleet(s). This is not a way to move or teleport, this just allows other players to see that location.
Use that free protective shield, if you are tempted to attack bases then you may just find yourself hit in return.

Repairs should not be done as a whole fleet. Remove your ships until repair time is down to 5 minutes and FAST repair them. With fast repair each fleet can potentially save 30 minutes of repair time when repaired as individual ships. This also applies to building fleets. If you are planning on playing for a time and do not want to tie up your shipyard, then build a new ship with just ONE item and add the others one piece at a time, maxing out the Speed up button as much as possible. Just because you have slots for extra gear does not mean you need use it. Especially Integrity fields will seriously boost repair times more then help, at least in the initial stages. Many items are instant when done alone but when added as a whole just tack on 4+ minutes. When you log off or plan on being offline then feel free to pile them on and take up more time. I am not going into what is best or not here shields versus armor, Lasers versus rail guns. Use that search tab we already talked about or ask other players. Try to get the heavy version of your factions fighter. It will see you a long ways into this game and is a very underrated ship.

There are many ways to do this. My suggestion is to take a small bit of time when a project has you hung up, Watch Battle front. Choose a fight that is a high level fleet versus a high level base and get some ideas how to set up. You will mostly hear to get your trade network set up first. This is a very good way to start. To do this you need to upgrade your command center and communications center (both referenced with the CC term) What ever they both should get upgraded but while you are doing that you will want to invest in one or more of the technology centers (Labs) and be upgrading your defenses for when you lose the beginners protective field.

Good luck I just wanted to put a post up here with a few less talked about points here. You will get most of this information talking to other players and they will have their own opinions on how to do things, so make your own choice. Linked coords flow like spam rivers in chat every day. Even worse is some immature players who take the ask eights advice about “intimidation by trash talk” way to far. However its your choice. Maybe you are just here to have fun and your fun is had by venting anger and negativity. Whatever but you will find that more fun can be had by taking the other path. Sometimes a fleet repair seems daunting or builds may seem far off. Just stay cool as it will serve you better in the longer run. There are more then a few aspects to this game and I have not even gotten into the surface of them. I rather not post some tricks here. Remember this game is not very old and is still very much whats considered beta. (test version)

I will not in any manner claim responsibility for your success, or lack there of for any of the above content posted here. The reader will assume full and total responsibility for using any of the above information to enhance their gaming experience. If you notice symptoms of hallucinations, dizziness, shortness of breath, delusions of grandeur, foaming at the mouth or spots, then you should seek more professional help immediately.

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