Imperium Galactic War Blueprint Drop Chance Speculation

Imperium Galactic War Blueprint Drop Chance Speculation by Gilheru


This is how I currently believe blueprint drops work, but this is little more than supposition, so don’t take what’s written below as fact.

The base chance to be awarded a blueprint is 5%. This is when the level of the attacker is equal to the level of the defender and no other variables are present.

First Order of Operations: Level Difference
For every level of the attacker below the defender that percentage increases by +0.5% to a maximum of +5%. That means destroying a level 70 base with a level 30 fleet is no better than destroying a level 40 base with that same fleet. Similarly, for every level of the attacker above the defender that percentage decreases by 0.5% to a minimum of 0%. So, if your target is 10 levels below you there is no chance of getting a blueprint.

Second Order of Operations: Labs Destroyed
Every lab destroyed in a base attack increases the percentage chance of being awarded a blueprint by 1%. Note, you must have a greater than 0% chance for this bonus to be included. I don’t believe destroying a base 13 levels below your fleet level but including the destruction of 4 labs will actually give you a chance for a drop (but it would be easy enough to prove if anyone wants to give it a try).

Third Order of Operations: Buff Bonus
Nothing much to say here; +10%, as long as your chance wasn’t 0% before.

Fourth Order of Operations: Deep Scan
This is a single reroll. Doesn’t quite double your chances, but gets close.

Highest Percentage Chance:
42% if you attack a base 10+ levels higher than you, you destroy all four labs, you have the +10% buff and you use the deep scan feature if you don’t get a blueprint the first time.

Average Time to One Blueprint Drop:
If you do not have the +10% buff, do not use the deep scan feature and are attacking NPC ships equal to your level, you would need to defeat 14 enemy fleets before your chance to be awarded a single blueprint drop goes over 50%. That doesn’t mean that you are guarenteed a drop every 14 kills, only that at 14 kills half of the players doing the same thing were luckier than you and already have a BP and half of the players are less luckly and haven’t seen a drop yet.

That means if you are killing NPC fleets at roughly your same level and each fight is somewhere between 60 and 90 seconds you are likely going to have to wait 20 minutes for each drop.

Deep Scan Efficiency:
Unless you are destroying a base 10 levels above your fleet level and you destroy at least 3 labs will a deep scan increase your chances of getting a BP from that kill by more than the 10% you can get from the buff. So, unless you are using the +10% buff I would not recommend using the deep scan. But, if you are using the +10% buff I would recommend using the deep scan on every kill where you don’t outlevel your target.

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