Hearthstone Crafting Introduction

Hearthstone Crafting Introduction by Fluxflashor

Crafting is one of the game systems in Hearthstone. The goal is to disenchant your useless cards into the crafting material, Arcane Dust, which can be used to craft new cards. Due to the random nature of obtaining cards in Hearthstone, the crafting system will be one of your best friends, and worst enemies, when you’re missing the cards needed to complete your perfect deck.

Disenchanting cards and crafting your Arcane Dust into new ones does not have an equal return. You will need to disenchant multiple cards in order to craft just one of your precious desires. Below is a table which contains the amount of Arcane Dust you will need to craft your desired card.

Card RarityArcane Dust Cost (Normal Card)Arcane Dust Cost (Gold Card)
Common (White) Cards40400
Rare (Blue) Cards100800
Epic (Purple) Cards4001600
Legendary (Orange) Cards16003200


Disenchanting breaks down your unwanted Expert cards into the crafting material Arcane Dust. Expert cards are acquired through the opening of booster packs, which are purchased in-game through the in-game currency, Gold, or real money. The rarer a card is, the more valuable it is, and therefore breaks down into more Arcane Dust. Below is a table of values at which cards disenchant into Arcane Dust.

Card RarityArcane Dust Gained (Normal Card)Arcane Dust Gained (Gold Card)
Common (White) Cards550
Rare (Blue) Cards20100
Epic (Purple) Cards100400
Legendary (Orange) Cards4001600

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