Marvel Heroes Newbie Tips

Marvel Heroes Newbie Tips by JohnnyStrong

Remember, we were all newbs once, and these points are for helping new players to “Newb it up!”

1) There is a game manual
-The game manual is accessed via [Esc] >> Help
-It includes basic commands, crafting, endgame info, pvp info, and a tutorial.
-Probably the best to start with are the basic commands, and the tutorial.

2) Press ‘ t ‘ to switch toons
-If you’ve bought extra toons, then this will bring up a dialog to switch.

3) Remap the keys (and Function Keys)
-The default key arrangement is not ergonomic, so reassign the keys for your comfort.
-If you don’t know how the Function Keys work, then look at the guide in my sig.

4) There is an Auto Party option
-Currently, this option is disabled by default, though you probably want it off until you understand more about the game.
-It is toggled via [Esc] >> Options >> Gameplay tab
-Essentially, enabling this option will force you onto a team.
-If you drop from the team, or are kicked, then you will zone back to Avengers Tower.

5) Regardless, join teams and have fun
-Call out in the zone to join a team, or to ask if someone wants to join you.
-There’s a guide to teaming in my sig.

6) Know your chat commands
/s or /say for zone chat
/p or /party for when you’re on a team
/g or /guild for guild chat
/t or /tell [name] to send a message
/r to reply to most recent message

7) Type /help for a list of commands
-It’s a long list, so just scroll up.

8) Level your vendors
-It is fairly easy to get your vendors up to level 3-5 apiece.
-When playing a new toon, this gives you better starting equipment.

9) You can resume other stories after resetting a chapter
-In Avenger’s Tower, speak with Manifold to reset your chapter progress.
-In other chapters, you can resume portions of the story by travelling to the given waypoint.
-Make sure you unlock waypoints along the way, so that you have a fast means of traveling.

10) Click the Bodyslide button at the top-right
-This is a fast way of going back to (say) Avenger’s Tower and selling, or just taking a break.
-After you’ve done selling, click Bodyslide again to return to where you left off.
-There’s a cooldown after going back, so be warned.

11) [BONUS!] Provide feedback in the forums
-Describe informative bug comments (i.e., location, how it happened).
-Suggest improvements that will help the overall game.
-Unless someone provides feedback, the issue you noticed might get overlooked.

Hope that helps,

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