Arena of Heroes New Player’s Important Tips

Arena of Heroes New Player’s Important Tips by Andulvar.616

A few tips for new players to the game:

1. After selecting your heroes and hitting the “Continue” button, you need to hit the “Ready” button to actually get into the match. I’m not sure why the double confirmation is needed, but it’s there.

2. For your first few matches, do not deploy your heroes passed your own towers. You’ll find a lot of players will try for quick level 1 kills against inexperienced players. Save your heroes!

3. Remember that minions do a ton of damage AND they will move TWICE between your actions. This goes for tower attacks as well, so keep that in mind when moving into possible danger.

4. Dying in the first or second round is very forgiving, don’t give up if you lose a few heroes early! experience for level 1 and 2 heroes is very small and equivalent to a few minions.

5. Getting a kill and then dying in the process can be worth it. Since experience is shared when you get the kill if more of heroes get the experience you can win the trade off. This is never a great idea, but sometimes if you are stuck it’s good to know.

6. Structures are surprisingly weak to concentrated attack. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the objectives than on the enemy heroes. Remember winning the game doesn’t mean you have the most kills.

7. If your turn has just started and you have a character that can level, check your focus level before you upgrade a skill. Sometimes the focus cost of the newly upgraded skill will be more than you have, but you could have used the non-upgraded version.

These are just a few tips to help the newcomers!

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