Avatar Star Assassin Melee Guide

Avatar Star Assassin Melee Guide by desofire

Disclaimer: I am by no means a pro Assassin in the game (But I do tend to be somewhere in the top 2 or 3 on the scoreboard on our team)

About the Assassin:

Assassins have the highest damage output for the least amount of attempt needed to kill. Meaning, 2-3 shots from a Sniper Rifle or 3-5 stabs with a Knife will inevitably kill any opponent when their shields and/or heals are down. This class is the most offensive-based class and also the fastest class in the game.

The big problem is their defensive stats such as having the lowest base health pool.

WeaponrySniper RiflePistol, Knife, and Grenade (Default)

Knife [Reliability: Great]: Currently, I am using a Ghost Dagger (not rare/XL) level 7 (You can check it out by adding me in-game. IGN: DesoSniper… and no, I do not snipe, anymore atleast) and it can deal loads of damage. Provided you know how to spawn-camp and spawn-trap at the same time, also adding that you know when to turn, jump, “tumble”, or if you have wings, fly, then you are gonna have a good time.

Grenade [Reliability: Bad]: My purpose for the grenade is to “tag” anyone who would probably go through the corner, hallway, whatever, in order to have atleast the slightest idea of where they are… since the god-forsaken minimap can’t be placed to the right, and it is too damn small.


Ghost: I forgot what it is really called, but I will stick to the term “Ghost” because when you are close enough, they can see you and through you. Basically, this makes you invisible to the enemy up to a certain range.

Poison Dagger: Your bread and butter. Once this procs, this will be a total biznatch to deal with.

Deadly Spring: A skill that I believe needs a nerf. 100% proc chance for Poison Dagger if you hit someone? Oh my gawd! Bonus movement speed? Wow, so much advantages incase you make a mistake.

Trap: Personally, I love this skill because I use this for trolling purposes. This works like a claymore! It works as a detector because it will EJACULATEEXPLOAD once someone is near enough! Even invisible Assassins will be detected!

Fatal Shot: Irrelevant!


-Always try to keep a good look on the highest towers for sniping Assassins. As much as possible, eliminate them immediately and “dominate” the highest towers. If you have wings, this can be used as a springboard for you to travel to another camping spot or spawn area for you to spawn-camp and spawn trap.

-Always go behind enemy lines, but please do take care if you see a Gunner with a Guardian… especially if they are both near a Healing Beacon.

-Go behind enemy lines. Eliminate the snipers first, then proceed to pick-off “solo-ing” Guardians and Gunners

-Let your team worry about taking the “hill” if you are confident that they can hold on to it or take it back. But if they are struggling, please help in taking the “hill”

-Assassins, both sniping and knifing, are the worst classes to use in this mode… in solo situations. Camping will handicap your team from capturing flags, capturing flags alone will get your sorry behind raped, and because Assassins have the lowest health pool… they can’t really tank the damage properly. However, the purpose of the Assassin in this mode is to play as the “disruptor” which means you delay the flag capturing attempts of the enemy.

-Always stick with a Guardian as much as possible. Gunners work well, but your main concern is to stay behind enemy lines or stay behind your allies. When the enemies are too busy taking out the tanker, get infront and attack them.

CQC 1v1-3v1 situations
-Learn how to side-step

-Learn how to rotate the use of Deadly Sprint and Ghost, meaning you only resort to using Deadly sprint as an initiation if you cannot initiate with Ghost properly

-Have visual awareness because there will always be another sniper who is using Ghost as well, and you may never know that he/she was right beside you. It would be understandable if he/she was behind you, but on your sides?

-When in combat, always aim. Yes, aim. And then stab away. But learn how to point it left and right while jumping because the hit-box for jumping Avatars are a little bit wider.


-Never engage a Guardian that is near a healing beacon if you are already revealed. Meaning, the Guardian already noticed you before you could attempt to damage them.

-Do not be afraid of a shielded Gunner in CQC. But be very careful when they have their riot shield and bat out. Those things hurt just as much as your knife.

-Use traps as an Assassin Detector.

-Grenades are meant for detection and harassment purposes to disorient the enemy. It can kill, but the purpose is to disorient.

-If you can lead/troll your bleeding enemies to your traps, then do so. There is almost nothing as funny as a dying Gunner/Guardian/Assassin walking into your trap.

Gems and Accessories:

-As much as possible, if you have all 5 slots punched on your card, get 3 jewels to work on Defense/Armor and 2 jewels for Stamina.

-Regeneration is not entirely needed because bandage can out heal Regeneration.

-Vitality is a luxury, not a necessity for “gun-less” Assassins

-As much as possible, get rings with Pierce with Stamina and Defense.


-If you can get the freaking chainsaw from the gold chest(???), it is freaking GG!

-If you want more damage, Ghost Dagger. If you want more crit or just faster cutting, other blades will do.

-if you get a grenade, then enhance that because the grenade that is given to you by default is pretty pathetic. But if you think it is a waste of Steel Alloy and Compounds, then… by all means, disassemble the sucker.

Main purpose/s of “gun-less” Assassins:
-Shutting down and countering enemy Assassins.

-Negating opposing Assassins a camping spot.

-Attack from behind.

-Not meant to have high kill-steaks, just meant to shut-down the enemy Assassins.

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