Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue PvE PvP Tips

Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue PvE PvP Tips by ShimHearts

Hello everyone, my IGN was Shine during the Beta testing, and I managed to hit the cap (35) using the rogue class.

Since the beta was mainly for people to cap I focused on structuring my build around PvE, but I am definitely a PvP enthusiast, so I will be going as in depth as possible in that area as well, but you have to remember that since I haven’t played SEA, I don’t know what the PvP systems are like, and all my ideals on it will be theorized. Feedback/Constructive criticism would be nice too
Well let’s get to it !

Oh and check out Klyde’s guide for rogue basics, stats, etc located here: Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue In Depth Guide



The link above is what I think to be the most safe, standard, party/solo, rogue PvE build there could be. The reason I say this is because the skill points are distributed so that all the essential skills that will maximize damage, survive, and group contribution are maxed, while all the other skills that can be used useful as well, are all left at 1 point.
The 40str/40agi/8vit I believe provides the most damage/crit/some durability, safely, in regards to PvE. It’s a very cookie cutter build honestly, and I think most can think it through and come up with at least this.

Through reading Klyde and Zael’s guides I found them both very insightful, and very very accurate, both obviously being more experienced than me I can not say that I would provide more knowledge on builds, gear, and the likes, but there were a few mechanic tricks I found to be useful, and somewhat fun to use while PvE

1. Hide > Dagger Throw > Dark Illusion : So both guides mentioned have covered the mechanic of Hide > Dagger throw as a good opener, and obviously as a lure. But when you’re not surrounded by aggro mobs, or if the mob is isolated, then a great way I found to get to the mob is to throw the dagger, and Dark Illusion immediately. How this works is: When you throw the dagger, you are not yet revealed in stealth until the dagger actually connects, and so you have about a 1-2 second gap of time that you can cast dark illusion, get the 4x Damage Proc, on top of the Dagger throw. This opener, I theorize, is probably extremely strong in PvP, but I’ll go into that later.

2. Weaving : I’m not sure if people have already picked up on this or not, but coming from AION, where weaving was the main source of DPS, I naturally tried it in the RO2 and found that it worked as well. People who are unfamiliar with weaving or do it but may not know that they are, it is basically throwing Normal Attacks in between skill combos. In Aion, you’d have to wait a little bit to catch the auto and cast the skill, but I found in RO2, that the animation for normal attacks can sometimes be completely skipped, but the damage will still register completely as well. I noticed when I first did it with deadly blow, I only did the deadly blow animation, but a normal attack hit registered as well, and since then I kept the normal attack button registered to one of my home skill buttons. Even if it may be just a little bit, it can never hurt to do just a little bit more deeps, right?

So apart from what Zael and Klyde have covered, I believe those are the only two things I can show to you guys PvE-wise. So definitely check out the other two guides, as they are much more insightful than mine is

PvP-In Theory:

http://www.ro2base.com/build/generator/rogue#BACUxvxBvUvCCC/ (Stats SHOULD be 51str/27agi/3vit)

So this is where I thought about, why I think Rogues are really the better option for PvP, and the main reason I think is because of the Combat restealth (Smoke Bomb).
Most games offer a combat restealth that will only last a certain amount of time, but in RO2 it gives pretty much the normal stealth (FOREVER) which I find OP.

So the build above is my theory of creating a Triple-Opener, which I think should result in a kill, but I wouldn’t know as I haven’t actually tried PvP yet.
The idea is to use this combo : Hide -> Dagger Throw -> Dark Illusion -> Mark of Death -> Smoke Bomb -> Dagger Throw (Wait if needed) -> Dark Illusion -> Dirty Plan -> 5 CP Skill of your Choice -> Smoke Bomb -> Dagger Throw -> Dark illusion

I don’t know how effective it would be, but I’d think that a triple opener added with a Moonlight or even deadly blow would be a guaranteed 1v1 kill. I can’t say much for anything else since not having dirty plan would be a hemmorhage to this build, but I think it would be effective.

REMEMBER: This part of the guide is theorized, and not tested.

Final Words:

So I hope to all see you in launch, and further guides in the future, sorry if this seemed sort of skinny, but I gave as much info as I could without being redundant. Maybe in the future with more experience I’ll be able to put further input and possibly create a new guide altogether, maybe not. Any feedback will be appreciated, and I hope to see all of you in Launch!

P.S. Once I cap and pimp my rogue out, my first alt in game will definitely be a sin, so in the future I hope to create a sin guide as well, but looking at the Sin’s kit, I can tell that it wont be nearly as enjoyable as rogues. But we’ll see eh?

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  1. iProdiJy says:

    Hi, I think your combo is great. Only problem is Dagger Throw should only be done once (when you are far enough) because once you teleport to your target with Dark Illusion then you are too close to your target to do the Dagger Throw + Dark Illusion combo. Once you use Dagger Throw it will hit the target right away; hence, you will not be invisible anymore and you can’t use Dark Illusion.

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