Ragnarok Online 2 Warrior Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Warrior Guide by TakeoTakeda

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Warriors are trained in the use of various weapons and tactics while taking advantage of their superior charismatic force. The Warrior is a Nomad of Honor, they are not authorized by the Kingdom of Prontera. Warriors are free to harm humans, they believe that due to it’s nature military combat will always affect the public. They are only allowed to participate in military action battles as “mercenaries”. Nevertheless, for those who with to fight the path to become a Warrior is a popular one. Warriors have proven to be more efficient than any other combat class and have the most polished expertise on the battlefield.


DPS stats:
41 str
41 agi

Tank stats:
*NOTED that there’s no ACTUAL stats for Tank, since vit is pretty much useless unless your want to see your HP higher than anyone (slightly). But I recommend either this 3 stats:

40 str
40 vit
8 agi

40 str
30 agi
rest vit

*this build if you think you don’t need any HP boost*
41 str
41 agi

STR – increase your Phy. attack and your parry rates
VIT – Increase your HP
AGI – Increase your dodge rates and critical rates.

The only stat you need to focus is having 40 str at the end of the day. This is because that’s the source of your phy. attack! Besides that, what’s matter the most is your equipment’s bonus stats as they have a big role in boosting your status.


My personal Build (Off Tank):

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Those who wish to be pure DPS (not recommended by it’s your choice):

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Swordman Skill

Bash 5/5
max this skill since it is your everyday skill!

Head Assault 5/5 or 1/5
Max or leave this at lvl 1. your choice!

Provoke 1 /5
aggroing monster. leave it at lv 1

Battle Orders 5/5
need to say more? 10% str baby! max it!

Aura Strike 5/5
Definitely max this. This will be one of your main attack.

Wide Provoke 1/5 or 0/5
just leave it at lv 1. Not as effective as your red potions! XD. leave it at 0/5 if you’re going to become pure DPS.

Armor Aura 5/5 or 0/5
this is a MUST have skill for Off Tank Warrior. 300% agrro, 20% more hp. If you’re going to become pure DPS warrior, leave it at 0

Sword Aura 1/5 or 5/5
lalala~ baka~ leave it at lv 1, unless you want to be pure DPS. do not recommend

Magnum Break 0/5
don’t bother spending your precious point here~

Battle Manual 0/5
same as above~

Warrior Skill:

Anger Control 2/2
no need to ask. it’s your MUST have skill lol. I recommend to max this but you can choose not to.

Berserk 1/5 or 5/5
increase your attack by 4 * Lv. leave it at 1/5 if you’re going to become OT, or max this if you’re planning to be Pure DPS.

Tension Relax 3/3
Your only self heal. max this. would definitely save some of your red pots.

Bowling Bash 5/5
another your everyday skill. Max this.

Pommel Attack 1/5
you rarely use this skill. Leave it at lv 1.(useful for pvp)

Parrying 3/5
great skill for tank. Leave it if you’re not Tank.

Endure 5/5
Another skill for tank. Leave it if you’re not Tank.

Battle Leaf 1/5
Leave it at lv 1. Rarely use it(useful for pvp)

Rage Strike 3/5 or 5/5
your STRONGEST skill. If You’re tank, no need to max this. (80% phy. damage at lv 3, 90% at lv 5, and it’s up to 3 monster!)

Brandish Storm 3/3
your only AOE skill. Max this! (it has no cooldown, and it looks cool! XD)

Defender 0/5 or 5/5
a MUST have skill for Off Tank warrior, otherwise leave it.


Ancient Assassin Card (I don’t remember the stats. but it add your str/agi and vit if I’m not mistaken)

Snatcher Raiders Card
str +6
agi +6
int +6
wis +6
vit +17

Garbong card
STR +9
agi +9
vit +9
int +6
wis +3

There you go folks! I will update this from time to time. see you guys again!

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