Ragnarok Online 2 Priest Solo Build

Ragnarok Online 2 Priest Solo Build by Ahjussi

This is a build that I’ve used in SEA RO2 for my hybrid priest. I decided to make this for players who enjoy the accomplishment of solo farming bosses in the field and even in hard mode dungeons for cards, DNA, Oridecon, and completing Union quests.

This is in essence a FS build which sacrifices 7 skill points for the DPS branch. These 7 points are used to learn every skill in the DPS branch which allows soloing bosses at a rate which they don’t enrage – not to mention breezing through Colosseum – and the rest of the skill points are poured into the necessary skills a FS priest would have, suited perfectly for raiding.

Posted Image Skill Overview

DPS Branch
Level 1 in each skill is perfect for farming and soloing, whether it be for cooking materials, Oridecon or DNA, you’ll be farming stacks faster than most DPS classes.

Support Branch
Posted ImageBlessing [Lv. 5/5] – Core party buff, 15% max. HP increase for 30 mins.

Posted ImageAspersio [Lv. 3/3] – Grants other skills bonus effects, maxed for CDR.

Posted ImageGloria [Lv. 2/3] – 10% probability of instantly casting Holy Light or Heal.

Posted ImageSuffragium [Lv. 5/5] – 10% self Haste Rate (reduces the speed for general attack and casting) increase for 30 mins. This may not seem like much on its own but combined with decent equips, you’ll have 25%+ haste.

Healing Branch

Posted ImageHeal [Lv. 4/5] – The growth at level 5 is only 3% so level 4 is perfect but it is also player preference.

Posted ImageRenovatio [Lv. 3/3] – Instant cast HoT which heals equivalent to 132% of your magic power over the full duration.

Posted ImageHighness Heal [Lv. 5/5] – Brilliantly strong burst heal with a HoT effect when paired with Aspersio.

Posted ImageSacrament [Lv. 5/5] – Increases healing by 10% but decreases attack by 10%. Switch to this state when raiding and enjoy stronger heals for your party.

Posted ImageAssumptio [Lv. 5/5] – Decreases damage taken by 40% for 10 seconds. Sure, 10 seconds isn’t much but it is incredibly useful for opening battle and strong single-target/AoE nukes which you will come across.

Posted ImageSanctuary [Lv. 1/5] – It is important that you pair Aspersio with Sanctuary for the 15% HP increase. Always try to cast Sanctuary before a boss AoE skill rather than after.

Posted Image Stat Point Distribution

Currently I’m running 33/46/8 which works fine.

Other popular distributions include:

  • 27/51/3
  • 41/41
  • 40/40/8
  • 33/33/32

It is your choice on how you distribute your stats as most of your stats will be coming from your equipment and card set anyway.

Posted Image Cards

At the moment, I’m using a “Band of Brothers” card set and 1 Abrahim card.

You can start off with STC+ which will give heaps of vitality for your early level raids or Poisona if you’re lucky enough to get a few.

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