ArcheBlade Ice Renny NetherDale Guide

ArcheBlade Ice Renny NetherDale Guide by 1MoreFrag_Mum!

This is a complete guide dedicated to the game for the character Ice Rennie on NetherDale map. This manual will cover the general principles of the game for Ice Renny, her moves and combos,NetherDale philosophy, tactics and strategy of the game on this map.


Hi all! First of all I would like to apologize for my English (there will be some or a lot of gramma and stylistic mistakes), because I’m from Russia and I haven’t had much practice in language.
This guide will focus specifically on the NetherDale map for character Ice Renny (but also will impact the other characters, or rather their purpose and game style). Since I don’t understand how to add pictures on this forum, I’ll try to explain in words, and rather conventional.
This guide is my vision of the Ice Renny and not the Only correct one. But I played more than 30 hours and quite successfully, so I think my opinion has the right to life.
So, I hope you enjoy this guide and you will find something useful in it.


L – Left button atk
R – Right button atk
j.L or j.R – Jump atk with Left or Right button
, – means a sequence of actions
shift – main evade move shift+W/A/S/D
CC – Crowd control

General information


Let me use DoTA terminology, as it couldn’t be a better description of the roles in ArchBlade game. Ice Renny (IRenny… sounds like irony XD) is a very versatile character that can take on differents roles, depending on the situation on the map. Let’s try to identify her main roles:
1) Capper – The capper’s job is capture victory point monuments, recapture as well as prevent enemy capture a victory point monuments.
2) Roamer – moving between lanes and killing enemy heroes and allowing your allies an advantage in capturing points.
3) Elrath and Renoah killer – with teleportain and frost effects you’r one of the best ranger killer in the game.
4) Controller – with frost effects of your atks and Frost Field ability you’r one of the best CC in the game. Also your R atk allow you to shoot the corners and from the corners aka map control.
5) Initiator – shift,F,shift or shift,F,j.RR combo are very powerfull for stunning o¦¦¦¦¦¦s. After that your team mates could easily approach and catch enemies.


I would like to say some words about IRenny’s moves and combos.


L atk

Basic and extremely fast atk, but also very deep and tricky.
The main feature of this atk is a side step. And when I say side step I mean a little side dash before atk. What makes it so special? Most of the characters, if they are attacked, try to put block or walk from the impact. But IRenny could just perfome her L. With a side step, she will evade the atk and counter-attack as well. And go on the offensive with LR combo to juggle her enemy. But remember that some characters have horizontal attack from right side (when you do L you side step to the left), in such situation it’s better to block or shift or just do some steps away.

On the video I’ll show this punch. First I missed to show you, that if you faced straigt to opponent you will miss in very close combat. Than I’ll show that you need to turn camera a little bit for accurate hit:

R atk

This is her basic range atk. It’s very powerfull if you know what are you doing. The main trick here is the trajectory of the projectile. It’s parabolic. I’ll show it’s trajectory and corner atk on this video:

Also, I would like to show you typical mistake, when projectile flies over head:

Remeber range distances: max distance, medium distance when projectile is on it’s max high (this is good to hit jumping enemy), and close combat range (I’ll show it a little later).


This move is awesome  because you can teleport. You should remember, that you cant teleport through objects, also you cant do dash in air (while jumping or after been juggled).
It’s you primary escape and offenive option. Later I’ll show some basic combo with this move.

!!! It should be noted that one should not underestimate these simple movements. I would say that success in the fight lies in understanding the simple, not complex movements. Worth the time in training, that would absolutely known how each movement works, how much time is animation, etc. !!!


LR atk

Oh my god, this is one of the best atk IRenny has. Belive me, whe you will master this simple combo you will become a duel storm fighter. This move is easy to learn, but hard to master.The main difficulty lies in the fact that after you have sent enemy in the sky it is necessary to predict where he will fall. Of this depends on how much will need to change the camera angle to continue this simple combo. I’ll show you this in training mode:

Let’s say after LR you failed your next L atk, then there will be several options:
1) do j.RR if enemy is not going to dash from you
2) do Shift if he is going to run away, so you can catch up with him
3) use Frost Field if you have anough mana
4) do another LR if he is going to counter-attack you, but you should choose camera angel vey carefully
Also, dont forget about power version of this combo, I mean L,Alt+R version. Use it to break enemy’s block and continue with regular LR or other options above.

RRR atk in close combat

This atk is very nice, because you can land a lot of dmg and fros effect. But how not to miss, givven the parabolic trajectory of a projectile? You should change the angle of the camera. 1st to left, 2nd to right and 3d to centre. I’ll show it on this video. You will see that if you will faced you enemy you will miss. Than I’ll show just single throw. And at last full combo:

!!! Remember, not all characters has same hitbox. And I’m talking now about dwarf and Gaspar. Here videos how to do RRR against them. Please note the range between you and them: dwarf –

Gaspar –


Ok, this is very tricky move. While jumping you throw 1 and 2 ice bolls to the ground, it has AoE effect and also slow target. Moreover, this move serves a protective function: while you’r in the air enemy couldn’t hit you with “ground” hits, also you performe some kind of back dash. I prefer to use it in to situations:
1) To support my allies in party fight.
2) To kite group of enemies.
There is a trick how to perfome longer “jump” with j.RR combo. The main idea is to turn forward before jump. I’ll show it on this video. First you will see normal j.RR. Than I’ll show expanded vertion. And at last you will see some kind of chain j.RR. Note the time in air with expanded vertion of j.RR. Also you should have perfect timing when to press spacebar just after hittin ground:

Also, you can jump on high ground on NetherDale map (what is very imprtant for fast travveling between pylons). Here’s the vide how to do it. You will see this trick from different ranges:


Simply this is suxx. Really, you are very vulnerable during this combo. No needs to use it at all. Simply like that.


The main problem of NetherDale map is that 95% of the players do not have a clue about what they are doing or should be doing. In fact, that’s a huge problem if you’r playing such characters as Ice Renny, Dan Mai, Sewon and some other specific characters. It’s a typical picture when two zerg teams running around or fight in never ending battle in the middle. That’s why I want to briefly review the basics of the NetgerDale map.

The main goal of the game – to earn points. Special pylons bring victory points. So basically the whole game revolves around these pylons. Thus control pylons must always prevail over the senseless battles in the middle of nowhere.
Let’s look at the map

NetherDale Map

1, 2 and 3 – the main lines and the place where will be the Most of the battles.
4 – base pylons and backdoors.

Pylon number 2 is central, which means that its retention is one of the priority objectives, as this will make it easy to capture and protect the pylons 1 and 3, and then quickly return to the pylon 2 for further action, or help in the defense, or the starting point of attack. Pylon 4 is the main target for harass through the teleport, so you can push back to the base enemy heroes, what will allowed your allies to capture their pylons back or give them time for respawn, collection power ups, healing and other actions.

Lets consider how you and your team can control the map.

Static defense – three or four charecters can easely protect center and ready to rush forward, or cover the rereat, or help on pylons 1 and 3 if necessary. Sniper+Sewon+Cezanne\Gaspar\Elrath\Dan Mei+Tiac\Valle could do there job here very well.

Nonstop harass – that’s where both Renny are shine. You should roam across the map and try to catch enemies from back or flang. It’s very important to strech enemy forces. Also don’t forget to rack sniper, so he couldn’t focus on his targets. But remember, in many cases it’s not nese to kill everyone you see (as I said before this game is not about kill, it’s about controlling pylons), sometimes it’s just enough to distract enemies, strech there forces, annoy them.

Warding – our little friend dwarf has a remarkable device in his arsenal for map conrol. Wards. This little shiny things can tell you everything about enemy plans and maneuvers. Do not underestimate it. I think it’s very important to have at least one for 1, 2 and 3 pylons, and alsow near teleport exit near your base.

So this is very basic info about NetherDale map. Now, let’s talk about IRenny. What she has to do. First, let’s divide game into 3 phases: Early, Mid and Late game.

Early game – in this phase our primal goal is capturing pylons and interrupt same action with enemy. On the very first seconds of the game you should understand what are you team mates are going to do. If they are not completly noobs, they will run to 4,2,1 and 3 pylons (completly nooobs run all together to pylon 4 and start to capture it with all human resources they have XD). In this case you should deside what to do. You can run to pylon 1 or 3 and capture it or interrupt enemy capture or support you ally. OR you can runt into the teleport and try to harass enemy pylon 4 to give you allies more time for capturing and relocation.

Mid game – when all the pylons are devided between the parties, the next phase comes. Now you have huge field for action. You always should keep in mind where all enemies are, where are they going and what are they going to do. Tracking enemy maneuvers, you must catch them, catch while capturing pylons. Also dont forget to harass enemy sniper and Elrath. At the critical moment when the battle for middle pylon begins, try to come from behind and cut all the long-range character, or at least distract them over. If it’s a raid on a pylon 4, we should join the rest of the allies. But don’t focus a lot on this battle. Just try to frost every one and kill sniper/Elrath/Cezanne, and return to the pylons to capture them, or just to check that no one infiltrate to them (if you dont have wards on pylons). If everything is ok, continue to support your main forces and keep an eye on routes to your pylons 1 and 3 and teleport.

Late game – I think it’s about last 500 points. It all depends on how well things were going before. If your team dominate, you can keep fighting with you team mates and, as I just said before, keep an eye on routes to your pylons 1 and 3 and teleport.
If things went bad and you are behind on points. you should non-stop recapture all pylons. Don’t try to fight, just run across the map and capture everything could be captured. Constantly interfere with the enemy capture pylons. Don’t try to kill them (only if you can do it really quickly). Just don’t let them to capture (LR combo would be good, as it fast and interrupt capturing). Also concentrate on enemy pylon 4, it should be always under your control, or at least neutral (this will make the enemy’s part of the characters back to the base, and sometimes even drop off guard).

In brief, the main Renny tasks are:
1) Capture pylons
2) Killing Cezanne/Renoah/Elrath
3) Do not get involved in long fights
4) Support your forces for short period
5) Controll map

Instead of an epilogue

This is not the end, there will be a part about with whom we are friends and who are afraid of. This will take some time, because I think this part will be rather big. So do not be mad at me for unfinished guide, please. In any case, I hope you have learned something new and interesting out of this guide. I look forward to any of your criticism and suggestions!

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