Wizardry Online New Player’s Guide

Wizardry Online New Player’s Guide by Zellfer

Hello new comers of wizardry online! This guide is not tell you what skills to put in but rather what classes are good for you and what race is for you. All so help players under stand the game better to further help you with long term game play.

What race is for you?

Human (male and female): Human is the well rounded race of all the others, meaning they can play ever class with out being to good or to bad at their role.

Elves (male and female): A race is better suited for magic making them best for priest (healer) or mage ( black mage). Though many make them thief or fighter they re well suited for magic for the fact of high piety and int. They all so have the most mp out of all the races.

Dwarf male and Gnome Female: A race suited for priest (healer) or fighter due to high piety , vit and str. These small people have highest hp out of all the races and tend be used for the fighter class.

Porkul (male and female): Small hairy race best suited for only thief class though some use it for mage.

Now that you know the basics of the races now tell you about the classes.

What class is for you?

Fighter: The most used class due to it can solo most of the starter areas. This class can be used for Tank and dps. It can weld two hand weapons, claws or brass knuckles, daggers, clubs, one hand weapons with shield. For armor it can wear leather,hard leather,and heavy armor. Fighter is must needed person in battle for its hate skills and tanking.

Priest (healer): This class is must need no matter where you are for its buffs and heals. Can be used for full heals or paladin style fighting (note not ever race is for paladin style). They can weld staff,mace/club with shield, and two hand clubs. They can wear leather,hard leather, and robe. Priest have limited attacks but many heals making them must need for partys and long term battles. they are all so the only class with stuns.

Mage: This class is the heavy hitter of all the classes making them your left hand man in a party. Their strong magic spells make them must need for quick kills and helping bring down monsters. They can weld a staff, and dagger with shield. They can only wear robe but start with leather at lv 1. They are the squishy class and tend to die a lot so a fighter with a lot points in hate skills is must need for them due to the fact they can hit harder then any other class.

Thief: The sneaky class of all the classes and fastest. They are a must need in parties for their traps, fast attacks scouting, opening chest, and luck. They weld daggers with shield, and class/brass knuckles. They wear leather for gear and protection but though they lack def their decoy and cloaking skill give them the edge of getting out any tight spot.

so now that you know what class/ race you want know now to learn what is soul rank

What is soul rank and what does it do?

Though yes you level with your toon but you all so level with soul rank. Soul rank lets you wear stronger armor, use stronger weapons and unlock higher levels. You level soul rank by doing quest and killing monsters. Soul rank level all so lets you be able to forge gear/ weapon, change class, learn race skills, gain more space in your town inventory, allows you bring more skills over (max 5), and more stuff.

Now you know what soul rank does least move to class change.

How does class change work and how do i get it?

Class change can unlocked at soul rank 5, but you can only bring 3 skills over with max of 3 skills points. Mean you can bring one skill max lv 3 or you can bring 3 skills with max lv 1 skill (correct me if i’m wrong). Leveling soul rank will allow you to carry over more skills with higher lvs with soul rank 20 letting you bring 5 skills all maxed out to lv 7.

what you need to class change is to find the guild for with you want to change, take the quest, collect the runes. After doing so you can change bonus skill points better suit the new class, and start back level one. Don’t worry you do keep same soul rank but know these after class change gear and weapons may not be able to be used with this new class. Has said be for you can carry skills over depending on soul rank and the skills you carry over will be same skill lv you brought them over. All so note that these skills cant be leveled after being brought over.

Now you have some idea how this game works the rest is up you to find out and learn how this world works.
Good luck to you and have fun and don’t let the walkers bite.

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