Wizardry Online FAQ

Wizardry Online FAQ by Mietz

Q: There is a quiver slot in my character window but I can’t find a bow or an archer class. Where can I get a bow/archer?
A: Bows and the archer class are not (yet) implemented in CBT.

Q: Are there skill resets?
A: Yes, you can get a skill re-spec item in the Ilfallo church for Soul Material currency, this should be available to you Soul Rank 3 or higher.

Q: My ability scores like strength or vitality seem to be randomly going up and down when I level up, but I’m a fighter and need those! How do I make them go up?
A: In general the scores assigned at level-up are random, however the chances of getting score-decrease is reduced by resting in beds rather than floors/stables and keeping your Condition up by resting frequently between adventures. Death, being hit and ability-use also influences skill-decrease (unconfirmed).

Q: Help, suddenly I can’t dash/sprint or do backsteps anymore! How do I make it come back?
A: You are probably overburdened. You equipped heavier gear than your character is able to carry efficiently. You can check this in your character window or by seeing a status-icon directly under the OD bar.
Try reducing your load by equipping lighter weapons or armor to regain dash and backstep.

Q: Can I increase my maximum carry weight?
A: Yes, the Vitality attribute increases maximum carrying capacity by 0.1 per 1 Vitality. Additionally some classes have a specific skill that increases carrying capacity in their skill tree.

Q: I found a weapon/armor enhancement stone, how do I enhance my weapons?
A: Weapon enhancements is available at higher Soul Rank levels (SR4)

Q: I found a gem, how do I apply it to my equipment?
A: First your equipment needs to have an appropriate slot of the same shape as the gem, then you can just drag and drop the gem into your equipment in your inventory to socket the gem.

Q: I’m out of Mana and Health, how do I restore them in a dungeon?
A: For Health, there are potions, for Mana you can rest at a camp or drink from a fountain. Camps can be purchased at general vendors. Mana potions can also be bought from the temple in Hero Square.

Q: Where is the 4th Dragon Shard in the Dragon Ruins?
A: Be -very- methodic in searching and exploring, look behind rubble/pillars, some things might be hidden from sight.

Q: How do I reach the other ledge in Temple Ruins? I always fall down and the Dwarf kills me.
A: You jump farther when dashing. Just take a running-jump.

Q: I can’t remember what X mechanic/stat means/does, is there any way to find out?
A: Press “H” when in-game, it will bring up the help menu/wiki. If your answer is not there, post in this thread so we can incorporate it into the FAQ.

Q: How do I roll 50 or more bonus points at character creation?
A: Patience

Q: Are stats important in this game?
A: To a certain extent, but experience, knowledge, coordination and player-skill trumps stats.

Q: I can’t find the command to return to town! Where is it?
A: Open your main game menu, click on macros/commands, pull the icon that looks like an arrow pointing towards a town onto your hotbar. There are many more useful commands and macros in that menu.

Q: My character name and soul name is reversed! How do I change it?
A: This is a localization issue and will be addressed in a future patch. Right now you can change the name display in the options here:

Q: I’m left handed but my mouse reverses RMB/LMB to LMB/RMB, where can I rebind the keys?
A: Unfortunately there isn’t an option in the game yet to allow for that, the issue will probably be addressed in a future patch.

Q: Why can’t I skip cutscenes? Why does the text scroll so slow?
A: This issue has been noted by the community. This feature might be implemented in a future patch.

Q: 4 Faces and 5 hairstyles at character creation? *** SERIOUSLY?
A: The game is based on a F2P model with vanity item purchases, more customization will probably be available in the Royal Shop once the game goes live.

Q: What happens when the CBT ends?
A: There will be a complete Soul-wipe at the end of CBT, don’t get too attached to your characters and progress.

Q: How do I drag icons around in my hotbar?
A: Ctrl-click and drag. Click again while dragging outside of the hotbar to delete the skill from the hotbar.

Q: Help, I was defending myself against a criminal and hit non-criminal people around me, now I’m a criminal myself!
A: Collateral damage is considered criminal. If you kill or injure people in real life while defending yourself, you go to jail on accidental manslaughter or negligence

Q: There are gankers and PKers EVERYWHERE, I get killed all the time!
A: The game is in CBT, most testers are trying all aspects of the game, including the criminal system and the PK deterrents.
Expect it to quiet down after a while when more people organize and protect towns. Group up in dungeons, always. Your equipped items can’t be stolen, most of identified equipment can’t be stolen. PKers suffer harsh penalties on their own with reduced revive-chance, worse access to town-facilities like taverns, quest-NPCs or shops, as well as jail and bounty hunters, guards, etc.

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