Wizardry Online Soul Medal Farming Guide

Wizardry Online Soul Medal Farming Guide by Radu

So as i was trying to figure out how to best play the game without getting farmed by high level players, a few thoughts occured to me.

—> Each level seems to have guardian statues. These statues seem to be group based
—> There are quests that send you into these instances to kill mini bosses. There is no exp or soul points, but there are rewards and loot drops. These quests are marked with a (*) by the name
—> the second level i entered, the one with all the plants and shrubs (i forgot the name im terrible with names) has soul medals as one of the selectable rewards
—> These medals cannot be stolen, looted, or lost in any way

This is what I’ve been doing for hours while Unmei and his group happily run through every low level zone:

—> First, locate Unmei, and as many PKers as you can
—> Let them kill you, try and get each one on your blacklist
—> Now lock them there. This is a very useful tool to see if they are online, and where they are at. Criminals cant hide from the players they kill it seems.
—> Once they enter one of the other areas, grab the (*) quest for the second area, the one with the plants and outdoor areas
—> Run to the first statue, light the rebirthing stone, zone in, kill everything, then run to the statue thats next to the single kobold, or orc or whatever he is. Kill everything, then run to the third statue, the one thats right next to the exit to town
—> Zone in and out several times, killing, leaving, and entering again. The room will keep respawning. The idea here is to gather some loot, and get some experience. There are 2 kobolds, and the kobold chief, my level 9 Priest can easily solo them. the chief is worth around 100 at my level, and his flunkies around 50.
—> After you zone out, you seem to flash a few seconds, i assume it means i am immune to attack for a few seconds, but if i am wrong, it still only takes a few seconds to re-enter the statue.
—> Those short 3 minute priest buffs are now useful, because you are fighting several enemies at once in a short time span. No need to share kills with other players, and plenty of room to run around and kite if need be.

I was able to get around 20 soul medals this way, some loot, and decent experience. Each soul medal adds +5% revive chance. And since they cannot be stolen it seems a great thing to stack up on and carry around.

These areas seems to be instanced, at least i have never seen another person in mine, even in a fully crowded dungeon. Which means PKers cannot follow you in, leaving only a very short window of opportunity to be killed.

Not sure if this was intentional or an oversight, but if it was by design it seems to be a good way to play and gather exp and loot, while avoiding PKers, and so far most of the dungeon areas seem to have them.

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