Warframe Speedrun Guide

Warframe Speedrun Guide by Earthworm_Jim

Alternate title: How daggers can finally be useful.

I made the transition from Loki (One of the fastest warframes) to Frost (One of the slowest warframes) and could not get over how slow Frost was. Therefore, I began experimenting on the fastest way to get from point A to point B so as to not fall completely behind everyone else. This is the result of my findings. I will update this as I test new things and as people tell me I am wrong in the thread.


-Knife Skating- [Tested with Dark Dagger]

What You Need: Dark Dagger, Ceramic Dagger, or Heat Dagger equipped in your Melee weapon slot.

How To Execute: Press and hold Sprint, press crouch to slide, immediately press melee attack to dash and release sprint. Rinse and repeat.

This is the single fastest method of travel in Warframe that does not require the use of energy (I.E. Warframe abilities). Every melee weapon has a charge attack that can be performed by pressing the melee key while sliding. From the weapons I have tested (Scindo, Skana, Cronus, Dark Dagger, Heat Sword) it appears that every weapon covers the same distance. The ‘heavier’ the weapon, the slower your charge speed is and the slower your recovery time on the charge.

The problem with this: Daggers are not exactly the best weapon when it comes to combat. The charge is also in a straight line, so it can be somewhat hard to control around corners.

-The Leap-Frog-

What You Need: Nothing. Every frame and every loadout can do this.

How To Execute: Press and hold Sprint, press crouch to slide, immediately press jump, release sprint. Rinse and repeat.

This is the second fastest method of travel in Warframe that does not require the use of energy. What this looks like is you will slide, jump up into a front-flip that covers more distance than Frost or Rhino can jump by just jumping and sprinting normally, and then upon landing you will roll forward. This is not as fast as the above, but you can still keep pace with a sprinting Loki (and sometimes out-pace him). The major benefit to this is that everyone can do it, regardless of build or loadout. A hidden benefit to the Leap-Frog is that by angling your camera in the middle of your front flip, you can pick the direction of the roll after. This allows you to make even 90 degree turns while not interrupting your motion at all. Another cool feature is that if you melee attack while in the middle of your front flip you will do your weapon’s Jump + Melee attack.

The problem with this: Sometimes, the forward roll after the front flip will not execute. It is common when going uphill, so I think it is either an elevation or a forward momentum thing. Holding sprint all the way through the front flip seems to mitigate this problem entirely on flat ground.

Adaigo Says [Paraphrasing]: “If you right-click to zoom while in midair during the front-flip, the jump distance will be increased. You can still control the direction of your roll afterwards by looking in the direction you wish to roll.”
I can confirm this indeed adds about a meter to your jump distance. It will prevent you from grabbing onto ledges, however.


What You Need: Nothing. Every frame and every loadout can do this.

How To Execute: While moving forward at a wall, Press and hold Sprint, press and hold jump.

Wallrunning is always faster than just sprinting. If there is an open wall that is runnable next to you, there is no real reason not to run along it for a small little speedboost. The thing to note is that when you jump off a wall by releasing the jump key, your jump will achieve a further distance than both the front-flip from Leap-Frogging and a standard jump while sprinting. It is a bit hard to aim properly because the jump is always at an angle, however. You can also wall-run around corners. If you jump off a wall, then press and hold jump next to another wall, you will continue your run on the next wall and can also switch from a horizontal wallrun to a vertical wallrun.

The problem with this: You can’t wallrun everywhere, and for how long you can run is heavily dependent on your frame’s stamina/stamina regen. The game can also get really finicky with your inputs (It is hard to describe but you will know what I mean after you try it for a bit).

WupwupTCR Says [Paraphrasing]: “The sooner you jump from a wallrun, the faster and farther you travel. This is affected by sprint speed mods. If you overshoot your jump you can do your midair melee to almost-immediately descend to the ground.”

-Play Loki-

What You Need: The Loki Warframe.

How To Execute: Pick Loki as your starter frame, Go to Psamathe in Neptune and kill The Hyena untill he drops all three parts of Loki (Then build it), or buy it in the Market.

Loki has the fastest movement speed and sprint speed. It is pretty self-explanatory. If memory serves, Ash may move at the same speed, but I do not have that suit to test it for sure. I do know that in my time of playing Loki to 30 without any sprint mods, nobody ever seemed to run faster than me.

The problem with this: Unless you started with Loki, it’ll be a bit before you can get to Neptune. You also (as the name says) have to play Loki, so if for whatever reason you hate Loki and everyone who plays him, well, there’s always the above three methods.

-Wavedashing [Provided by Liacu]-

What You Need: Nothing. Every frame and every loadout can do this.

How To Execute: While moving forward, Press and hold Sprint, press Crouch and immediately release. Rinse and repeat

Essentially, the instant you go into a slide there is a slight burst of speed in doing so. Do this over and over and you will move faster than you would normally by just sprinting. It does not seem to be faster than leap-frogging or knife skating (although it is still faster than regular sprinting), but the major advantage is this trick is very light on input and hard to mess up. You alternate between two buttons; that’s it.

The problem with this: Enough sprint speed mods and you will outpace this trick. The burst of speed from sliding is static and does not increase.

-Some Little Tricks-

You can dodgeroll (Double-tap sprint) through the door lasers in Corvus missions. This is exceedingly hard to time properly, but if you do so you will slip inbetween the second and third laser from the bottom and not be struck by them. I have done this a fair number of times on my Loki frame; I have not attempted it with others.

Also of note with the Corvus door lasers, if you walk into them while you are almost parallel with them, they will oftentimes knock you onto the other side of them. Dashing abilities (Abilities, not the melee dash) and Loki’s invisibility will also get you through them without harm and without needing to shoot the camera.

Jumping will animation-cancel charge attacks you perform. This is useful on heavy weapons because the attack timing on charged swings is before the animation ends. If you’ve already hit for damage, the rest of the animation is dead weight. This works for the jumping melee attack as well as it will instantly reset you to the standing pose, allowing you to move.

Heavier frames seem to have a slightly higher jump height. I am not sure why. Jump heignt may be a percentage of the frame itself’s height.

On heavier frames like Frost and Rhino, simply spamming the forward roll is faster and more stamina-efficient than sprinting.

Shockwave Moa and Jacklestomp does not hit you if you are in the air or jump over the line.

Zooming in slows you down when moving on the ground. Zooming in does not slow you down if you are in the air.

You can wallrun along the guard rails of any catwalk in the Grineer Astroid Base tileset.

Pressing escape will end the tutorial upon game launch if it occurs.s.

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  1. RoyalSamantha says:

    What The How To Update Faster PLease I Will Pay You If You Know To How To UpDate Faster

  2. Jasper says:

    Also of important note, and definitely the fastest mode of transportation in the game currently: the zorencopter.

    Requires: dual zoren, fury (attack speed mod; optional, but makes a significant difference)

    Execution: sprint forward and jump, then crouch. You will now be sliding through the air. While sliding in the air, execute a melee strike (the spin attack). You will be launched forward hilariously far, often clearing enormous map areas.

  3. Deost says:

    You can knife-skate through the lasers if you time it right.

  4. yuluz says:

    Just a little hint concerning the laser door, if your mouse sensitivity is high enough you can walk straight into the lasers then spin 180 degrees. Timing is also essential here, as when the laser triggers the fall animation, it pushes you back a set distance. This method ensures a better chance of not getting stuck in laser limbo (being so close to the lasers while you recover from the initial knockdown, that they trigger repeated knockdown animations).

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