Warframe Recruiting Chat Terms List

by SoleDivinty


SO/ESO: Sanctuary Onslaught/ Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. SO is basically an endless game mode that’s alot like survival except you don’t need to worry about life support, your SOLE objective is just to kill everything and anything you see. You have to keep this thing called your Efficiency up, which you do by killing the endlessly spawning hordes of enemies or finding Efficiency Stimulants around the area. Most of SO’s rewards are meh, BUT it’s a great place to level up your Waframes, AND you get the parts for a Crowd Control centric Warframe named Khora from there! ESO, or Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, is literally the exact thing as SO, except 1.) it gives different rewards, the best of which are pieces for some great weapons (one of which, the Lato Vandal, is easily one of the best secondaries in the game), 2.) all the enemies there are WAY more high leveled, and 3.) the Efficiency bar is harder to maintain.

Spare Parts Farm: This is a kind of rare one to see, but basically, there’s a mod called Spare Parts that you can put onto Sentinels (little robotic pets) that makes it so when they die, they have a certain chance to drop rare resources like Orokin Cells. Some people like to run squads of players with Sentinels who have Spare Parts equipped, where they let their sentinels die in the hope of getting rare resources.

3×3/4×3/5×3: In a place called the Plains of Eidolons, there are three massive, hulking robotic beasts called, well, Eidolons, that only come out when it’s night time in the Plains. They’re extremely dangerous, very, very hard to take down, and require a committed team to take them down. They can be farmed for some really great rewards called Arcanes that are basically like additional passives for your Warframes. You can kill MULTIPLE trios of Eidolons per night if you move quickly, and that’s what 3×3/4×3/5×3 mean. When I say 5×3, I’m saying “let’s kill 5 sets of Eidolons”, because again, there’s only THREE, so 5 sets of 3 Eidolons.

Tridolon: Just a different way of saying “the three Eidolons”, so if I say like “Tridolon Hunt”, what I’m saying is “hunt for all three of the Eidolons in one run”.

Kuva Survival: There are these types of mods called Riven Mods that basically give 3-4 stat bonuses to ONE specific weapon (usually there will be 1 negative stat and 3 positive stats, so you could have -critical chance, +damage, +status chance, and +reload speed, for example). So, for example, you can’t use a Riven Mod for a Latron on a Braton, you need to have a Riven Mod for the Braton (this rule does not apply to Prime variants of weapons, like if you have a Braton Riven, it will also work on the Braton Prime). Anyways, sometimes (and by sometimes I mean almost always) the stats of Riven Mods are garbage, but you can use Kuva to play a little game of luck and roll the stats on a Riven Mod up to get different ones. Every time you roll a Riven’s stats with Kuva, the amount of Kuva you need for your next roll goes up by a 100, so if your previous roll cost 1,100 Kuva, your next one will cost 1,200. So, as you can imagine, you need a LOT of Kuva to actually get by. In comes Kuva Survivals. Once you finish the War Within quest, the Kuva Fortress will unlock, and it has a special mission called Kuva Survival where basically, you farm Kuva by turning Life Support Drops into Kuva Extractors (can be risky if you’re alone, if a Life Support Drop is made into an Extractor it will not give you more life support, so you can run out of air pretty fast).

LF: Looking For.

H: Hosting.

Farms: If you’re new to games in general, you might not know what Farms are. Farms are basically runs where you go to get as much of a specific resource as possible.

Low/Medium/High Risk Index: The Index is basically an arena style place where you bet a specific amount of credits to try to get more credits back. There are THREE options for how much you can bet, the Low Risk (30,000), Medium Risk (40,000), and the High Risk (50,000). Betting more will yield a bigger reward of credits at the end if you win, so like if you bet 50,000, you’ll get 250,000 whereas if you if you bet 30,000, you’ll only make 105,000. However, the more you bet, the higher the requirements are for winning. Basically, in The Index, it’s your squad versus a team of Corpus enemies, and you have to kill them for them to drop Index Points, that you collect and take into an objective to “cash them in”. There is a minimum amount of Index Points you HAVE to have dropped into the objective to win, and the more you bet, the higher that minimum is.

Toroid Farm: Toroids are a resource you can trade into a person at Fortuna for Standing, and Standing is basically a thing that makes a specific group hate you less until they love you. You need Standing in Fortuna to have access to the best wares the sellers have, as well as a mission that gives you resources you need to get specific weapons.

EV Trin: There’s a Warframe called Trinity. Trinity is basically everyone’s mom friend. Trinity has a skill called Energy Vampire, aka EV, that causes any one enemy she chooses to release massive waves that, if they hit her allies, restore their energy. It takes a specific build to get the most out of Energy Vampire, and that’s why Energy Vampire build using Trinities are called EV Trins.

Despoil Nekros: There’s a Warframe called Nekros. Nekros is what players main during their emo phases. Nekros has a skill called Desecrate which basically eats any dead bodies around him to produce extra drops or loot. Despoil is an Augment to Desecrate where, instead of energy, Desecrate will use Health to cast.

Radshare: Prime Weapons are special because they can’t be built with resources, you need to get all of their pieces, then get their blueprints, and they you can build the weapon. You get the pieces and blueprints for Prime Weapons, as well as the blueprints for Prime Warframes and Sentinels, out of Relics, which, coincidentally, can get really annoying because each relic has 6 possible rewards in it so if you want something, you kind of have to pray to RNGesus that you get it. Radsharing doesn’t really eliminate, but minimizes the chance you get something you don’t want. Using a resource called Void Traces, you can “upgrade” a relic, the more void traces you put into it, the higher the chance of you getting the rarest items from that relic becomes. The highest point to which you can upgrade a relic is the Radiant stage, and see, what players do is they will find three other players to make a squad with that all have the SAME relic as them upgraded to Radiant, and run a Fissure mission with them because it maximizes the chance that at least one person will get what everyone wants from their relic.

Intshare: the polar opposite of Radshares, Intshares is where all 4 players in a squad run a Fissure mission together with the same Relic, but completely un-upgraded. The reason people will do this is because they don’t want the RAREST reward from the relic, they want the most common one, so running with three other people who also have un-upgraded relics kind of guarantees that you’ll get that common item.

Staggershare: This is such a rare thing to see but basically, a Staggershare is where instead of all 4 players running the same relic in one go, the players will go one by one and run a specific relic. This situation ONLY comes up in a VERY specific context: when the most common reward of a relic is worth a shit ton. So for example, Mesa Prime’s Chassis which, despite being the most common drop of the Axi H4 Relic, is worth 40-50 PLATINUM PER PIECE, so instead of everyone running an Axi H4 Relic all in one run, what happens is 3 players will choose a random relic and 1 will choose the Axi H4. This is because you can ONLY select ONE reward in a Fissure mission, when it’s all over, you can’t get all 4 of the items that the Relics gave (1 player gets 1 item per relic, so assuming you’re running with a full squad, there’s 4 people, so 4 items). So everyone goes one by one so that they can get as MANY of that item as possible.

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