Vanguard Production Manuals Locations Guide

Vanguard Production Manuals Locations Guide by Hemli

The source of this information came originally from a post on vanguard crafters. Crafting manuals allow housing and boat crafters (ie artificers) to refine more supplies than the 5 normally allowed. T3 is 10 per, T4 is 15 per, T5 is 20 per, T6 is 25 per. When producing supplies in mass to craft houses and boats, these manuals are invaluable to the crafter. Once again, thanks to the original posters of this information on Vanguard crafters.


Location: Misthaven Crossing
Mob Name: Craftsman Fanciser Bleen
Aprox Loc: 40814, -7376, 42191
(thanks lostpharoah, Alannah-Shidreth & Caduryn)Drops

Apprentice housing log production manual
Apprentice brick production manual
Apprentice rare spoke production manual

Location: Chamber of revitilazation CIS
Mob Name: Financier Fabricator Devix
Aprox Loc: 81270, -65952, 40852


Apprentice shingle production manual
Apprentice panel production manual
Apprentice rare plank production manual

Location: The Tomb of Lord Tsang
Mob Name: Executive Engineer Kolran
Aprox Loc: 8385, 32820, 10971
(thanks WombatRatstomper)


Apprentice beam production manual
Apprentice plank production manual

Initiate (15X)

Location: Dargun’s Tomb
Mob Name: Journeyman Merchandiser Sasul
(thanks Alannah-Shidreth & Claret)


Initiate plank production manual
Initiate panel production manual
Initiate rare plank production manual
Initiate shingle production manual

Karrus Hakrel
Mob Name: Enterprenuer Workman Ramus
(thanks again Claret)


Initiate brick production manual
Initiate beam production manual
Initiate rare spokes production manual

Journeyman (20X)

Location : Graystone
Mob : Baron Builder Bigal
(thanks Norah & Treleana)


Journeyman brick production manual
Journeyman beam production manual
Journeyman rare spoke production manual

Location : Nusible Necropolis
Mob: Carpenter Tradesman Sagos


Journeyman shingle production manual
Journeyman rare plank production manual

Location: Sunset Pointe(Rakshasa Citidel)
Mob: Reconstructer Capitalist Parson


Journeyman plank production manual
Journeyman panel production manual
Journeyman large stone production manual
Journeyman floor tile production manual

Related Mob Unconfirmed

Journeyman wood shingle production manual

Artisan (25 per)

Location: Rahz Inkur
Mob Name: Industrial Shipwright Colis (Lvl 50 4-dot)
(thanks dogwood)


Artisan decorative tile production manual
Related Mob Unconfirmed

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