Vanguard Macros Guide

Vanguard Macros Guide by verkoop

– start creating a macro by right clicking on any hotkey in any bar. after making a macro, you can drag it around like another hotkey. i suggest labelling all your macro’s as text-macro. the result is that the title you put in the title window will show on the hotkey icon itself, which makes it lot easier to sort multiple macro’s next to one another.

– ONE macro line (aka one / + command per line in hotkey) and max 256 characters per macro. and i think the max commands per macro is 11. its main hotkey window +1 lines, thats what i know for sure. any lines under that won’t get “used” and can screw macro up if those lines contain your “fire anytime” skill.)

– the “” are mandatory

-the roman cyphers as well, to incline what version of the skill you want to use. if it has no roman number it means there is only one version of the skill from lvl 0 to 55, then you can keep the skillname as it is. (for example /cast “taunt V” versus /cast “withdraw”. if i put /cast “skillname X” in the list below, the X means the roman number. it can very from I to X or more (don’t know) according to lvl of skill.

p.s.: turn interface sounds off in settings or you’ll get error bleeps.

use the macro commands IN THE ORDER I GIVE BELOW

(not needed to use all.. just make sure you put them according to the order below, while not exceeding the max lines number.)

/wear “item name”(to equip other items. handy to equip different weapons as a caster depending on stance.. bloodmage for example wants 2 +healing focus weapons equipped in heal stance, 2 dps focii in offensive stance. the commands for weapons are /wear “itemname” primaryhand for the first slot and /wear “itemname” secondaryhand for the second or shield slot. afaik the other slots don’t need this.. but not sure for rings/amulets. and oh yeah, this won’t work with two exact same items. the names gotta differ.)

/itemuse “item name” the launch days a spell on a crafted item (like chaos barb X on a crafted 2h caster staff) could be “fired” from a staff IN YOUR INVENTORY. it was not needed to equip the crafted staff to be able to do this. afaik this still works. this is great way to improve caster dps. you need to be able to equip the item ( lvl AND class) for this to work.
2. you can use any consumable item with this. you can for instance macro the use of a druids berries into a macro, so you maximize hp/energy gain.
3. in a “jolt” macro (raiders will know what i mean) you can macro the use of an item with a “cast on use” effect, like minus hatred. there is a ring that has -hate generation to all cast spells for x seconds. the use of the ring in the macro will generate a ton of hate LESS, improving survivability. )

/combatformset “stance name
handy to make keys that switch back and forth between stances. example: a dps stance macro with dps spells from a bloodmage vs a defensive stance for emergency healing. if you include stance name switch command, both keys will make it so that the char uses the correct stance for the correct skill, without need of switching stances manually. great to combine with /wear command (see above)

/assistoffensive or /assist “name tank” if you add this /assistoffensive to a macro, you will switch your defensive target to whoever the targetted monster attacks. so if the selected mob attacks the tank, it will select tank as defensive target. handy for healing.and mandatory to make a force target key as tank. force targetting becomes quite easy with a macro containing this. all you got to do is select the mob that attacks a player you don’t have aggro on, and use the macro. see an example of a force target macro below./assist nametank (its playername of tank) will autoselect the target the tank has. if you press this macro at start of fight, you select the mob the tank attacks. lot easier then taking tank as defensive target and using assist key. not recommended to put in main attack macro’s, since a player can switch targets. in that case you will switch targets too, which is bad.

/reactionchain 1-5  (the numbers are weird: 1 is the one most left on your special skill window. 2 the one to the right of that and so on. watch out: counterskills and rescues are in SAME window as the critical hit finishers. i don’t know the name of the specific panel in the UI, but it should be obvious.)
the one with longest reset timer first, then the one with less reset timer, then the one with even less reset time, then the one with no reset time. important rule that .
you will never have to worry again about casting the common finishers. manually click the ones with 5 min group buffs each 5 min, or make separate macro’s for those.

/reactioncounter 1-5 (same rule as above)
/cast “skill name X” that is direct cast AND that has reset time(for instance 1 min cd buff)
/cast “skill name X” that is direct cast and has less or NO reset time(for instance spell taunt skills for tanks)
note: if you put direct cast skills before normal cast special attack skills, the direct cast skills get cast automatically ALONG with the use of a normal special attack thats lower in macro. this is VERY handy, especially for a warrior. you can combine all your shout commands in one macro if you wish, and cast them all at once, along with an attack skill.) with requirements on mob to cast (for example skill that can only be used if mob has -20% health, the “slay” skills)
/cast “skill name X” with very long reset timer (for example 400% dam melee skills that have 1 min reset timer)
/cast “skill name X” with LESS reset timer then above skill
/cast “skill name X” with lowest reset timer
/cast “skill name X” that requires ally in certain position (for example skill that requires flanking ally for warrior) OR charge points like blood union
/cast “skill name X” with NO reset timer. you can only put in one, choose wisely.

i bet reading this gives people headaches already. but my style of macroing makes dps keys that can’t be beaten, simple as that. everything gets cast automatically with one key.

i strongly advise to make ONE dps key, ONE debuff/hex/buff with reset timer” key for using along with force crits, cleave or enfeeble casts, ONE pull key, ONE assist/targetting key with the rules above.

i can advise macroing on any class i got alts for. (aka bm, dread knight, disciple, warrior) but if you use the order in macro i explained above anyone can make their own macro’s.

hope this helps people that get frustrated using mouse and keys that are all over keyboard or your interface.

p.s: since i use this macro style i can just spam one key usually and LOOK at interface, debuff or raid window permanently without ever having to think about pressing this or that key. its quite handy for raid assistants that have to annouce stance, enchantment or certain debuffs landing on a mob. its also very handy for tanks, to keep overview of the fight without having to click 10+ keys

example of one of my two main macro’s:

my dps macro:

/itemuse “flawless scholar’s stave” (with chaos barb X for most dam)
/reactioncounter 1
/reactionchain 2
/reactionchain 3
/reactionchain 1
/cast “blood letting ritual II”
/cast “union of blood VII”
/cast “severing ritual IV”
/cast “exploding cyst IV”
a force target key for a warrior:
/cast “withdraw” (will lower hate from player to mob)
/cast “skillname” (the shout force target skillname)
/cast “skillname” (the real rescue skills, this one with highest cd)
/cast ‘skillname” (the one with no or a little cd)

i bet this guide will help out a ton of players. I compiled it all myself, but i take no credit for the whole guide.
if you have usefull additions to the original post, i will add them.
my main is atwix on telon. but i hardly play him. if you want to reach me on telon server, look for a (tank) character with a+class reference in its name. Like awar, awarr, adread, adreada, apala, adisc etc.

i sincerely hope i can help out a lot of newcomers with this.

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