Torchlight 2 Engineer Tank Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Engineer Tank Build Guide by Loot

Figured I’d share my Tank build. Playing Veteran (nb4 elitists) and able to easily solo Level 105 maps at Level 70. I only really die when I’m just being stupid or when the Spectral Dragon likes to camp the teleporter pad.

Currect spec:

10/15 Emberquake
13/15 Heal Bot
12/15 Bulwark
13/15 Fire and Spark
12/15 Shield Bash
13/15 Forcefield
10/15 Dynamo Field
11/15 Tremor

All the skills should be pretty self explanatory.

For stats I prioritize Focus and Vitality. Dex was left at base and Strength is at 100 in order to wear gear early on. Vitality is self explanatory and Focus buffs Shield Bash damage for whatever reason, making it great for spamming due to very low mana cost.

Gearing is pretty simple. You need to stack resistances, health, block, and health per second. The great thing about this build is you don’t really need reduced damage taken as you’re incredibly tanky without it.
My current stats (without healbot) are:

5089 Health
1225 Physical Armor
411 Ice Armor
814 Fire Armor
426 Electric Armor
190 Poison Armor
39% Phys Reduction
25% Elemental Reduction
50% Block
451 health/sec

On the rare chance Forcefield breaks (usually only breaks on the Level 105 Rock Trolls, Unique Werevoles, and Spectral Dragon) having 451hp/sec combined with healbot gives you extreme health regen and it’s hard to notice it go down sometimes. With stacked health per sec and Forcefield I find literally reason for Charge Reconstitution as regen is fine without it and Forcefield absorbs a very nice chunk of damage (around 20k right now iirc).

Now, in order to really clear rooms out and melt bosses the most important stat on your weapon is physical damage over x seconds. Why, you ask? It’s simple. Tremor. Tremor, although unlisted, applies on hit weapon effects to every target hit. When you can get a weapon such as this trash will melt insanely fast and bosses will too as the amount of DPS you pump out with the over time effect is incredible.

Clearing trash is simple, just spam Dynamo Field, keep Forcefield up, and use Tremor+Emberquake as often as possible.

For bosses you want to spam Shield Bash to constantly have 5 charges (and some bosses can actually be stunned) available for Forcefield and Tremor (use it on cooldown). When you have Tremor on CD and max charges feel free to spam Emberquake in place of Shield Bash.

For spells I prefer Blocking, Armor Expertise, Elemental Protection, and Haste. Haste is your best tool for avoiding damage, simply because what can’t hit you does no damage, plus the attack speed isn’t too shabby. I’m thinking at higher gear levels Bocking is unneeded as you’ll hit the 50% cap without it, in which I’ll possibly replace it with Adrenaline or Dervish.

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