Torchlight 2 Engineer Boss Killer Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Engineer Boss Killer Build Guide by Roy Lofquist

Engineer Boss Killer (Sword and Board)

This build yields maximum DPS with maximum defense against the big guys. It scales nicely from Level 14 through end game allowing you to build the rythm using the same play style from
beginning to end.

Sword and Board is the most survivable configuration throughout the game. Patience, my friend. An almost dead monster and a dead toon is lose big time.

This was tested on a dummy and actual combat by a level 39 engineer.

The keys to this build are Force Field and Damage Over Time (DOT), both physical and fire with interrupts and shield break.

1. Charge should be maxed at all times for Force Field. Shield Bash gains charge.

2. Weapon should have max physical DOT.

-The attack sequence is: Seismic Slam, Ember Hammer, Shield Bash 3 times. This sequence maximizes the length of the DOTs along with steady charge gain.

-Mana Potion when needed. It is fairly mana intensive but the potions are plentiful and cheap.

-Force Field every time charge is maxed is the belt plus suspenders approach to survival.

The damage:

Seismic Slam deals fire DOT over 3 seconds and interrupts. It also kills minions. Ember Hammer deals electric charge, physical DOT over 5 seconds and breaks shields. Shield Bash
causes damage and gains charge.

Kill the boss:

1. Have Force Field up with as many charges as you can manage.

Dynamo Field (at Tier 1, 5 points) has a range of 7 meters and generates 0.28 charge for each target hit up to 5.
Shield Bash (at Tier 1, 5 points) generates charge 0.28 charge per bash and deals 7.5 times your shield armor value.
Charge Domination has a % chance to fill the charge bar on kill. Dot the minions with Seismic Slam and you may get lucky.

2. Onslaught to the boss. This triggers the physical DOT and slows attack, movement and cast speeds by 50% for x seconds.

3. Shield Bash until charge bar is full.

4. Apply Force Field.

5. Seismic Slam, Ember Hammer, Shield Bash 3 times. Mana Potion when needed. Force Field when charges maxed. Until death do you part.

Other Skills (Passives):

Fire and Spark gives a % gain to Seismic Slam damage.

Weapon: Actual indicated DPS is not all that important in this build.  If you find a weapon with physical DOT all well and good. If not, Blood Ember and other miscellaneous gems give physical DOT. Other important stats will say Conveys. This carries over to Ember Hammer and Flame Hammer.

Armor: +% to Fire Damage. This is fairly common

Gems: DOT damage gems. Various eyes, skulls, shards and other exotics yield +% Fire Damage. Transmute, transmute, transmute until you get one you like.

Spells: Weapon Expertise.

Pet Spells: Summons, Heal All.

Stats: Focus for more magic damage. Critical hits are frosting on the cake so get some Dex. Strength and Vitality are good for normal adventuring. In fact, I believe that a flat stat distribution may be optimal.


F1: Seismic Slam
F2: Ember Hammer
F3: Shield Bash
F4: Flame Hammer – DOTs carry over to each flaming splinter. Flame Hammer and Seismic Slam are your main adventuring attacks.

Key 1: Force Field
Key 2: Optimal Health Potion (Default z)
Key 3: Optimal Mana Potion (Default x)
Key 4: Dynamo Field

The above build is primarily for bosses. You’ll have to fill in other skills, gear, spells and stats for regular adventuring but the DPS in this build is also optimal for trash, minions and champions.

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