Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Electric Stun Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Electric Stun Build Guide by OmegaDL50

This is a build I’ve decided to go with for my first character class.

It’s mainly a melee tanking build but with some flexibility to change it up in the situation you cannot always be in the enemies face.


Coup De Grace – Hit a Stunned enemy for STR times 4 = Electric damage = 15 points to max
Heavy Lifting – 2% ATK SPD and 2% Stun Chance per level – Increases stun chance or more lightning stun! = 15 points to max
Fire and Spark – +6% Fire and Lightning Damage Increase per point (Increases Fire / Lightning Actives and primarily lightning stun damage) = 15 points to max
Bulwark – 2% to Physical Armor and 2% Damage Reduction per level (Our main defensive passive) = 15 points to max


Onslaught – Does a leap attack with debuffs on enemy, increases my charge and does lightning damage = 15 points
This ability can also be used to escape from enemies by leaping away (like Barbarian D2 jump so it has evasive utility)

Tremor – The AoE crowd defensive blast, This does Fire damage + debuffs in a ring like radius around you (Diablo 1 NOVA!!), It also does Stun at Tier 3 = 15 points
Force-Field – A primarily defensive skill for damage negation and being able to stay up in the enemies face to do more lightning stun! = 10 points
Healing Bot – This is mainly used for the Mana regen for tier 1 effect to offset the heavy skill usage of this build the armor boost is bonus for more Tanking = 15 points
Shock Grenade – The main long range attack when you can’t be in the enemies and there are two many enemies to do a leap. 50% Stun (More Lightning Stun!) = 15 Points
Emberquake – Fire offensive spam ability for frontline offense (When we encounter any Lightning immune mobs) = 10 points

There is 10 points remaining, What other skill you think will fit into this build?

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