Torchlight 2 Outlander Pistoleer Guide

Torchlight 2 Outlander Pistoleer Guide by TheMasterBlaster

This is a pure Outlander dual pistol build. It does not rely on glaives or Venomous Hail to do its dirty work. This build is tons of fun, and it has several good defensive and offensive skills. If you enjoy watching hordes of mobs simultaneously explode into clouds of poison, then this is the build for you! If you’ve never watched The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, then you are required to watch that before reading this guide.

Stat Points

Strength – 300

Dexterity – 80

Focus – 80

Vitality – 75

This is a ranged dps build, so Strength is the main skill here. Strength is what determines the amount of extra crit damage, and most of the stat points should go into Strength and Focus in the early game.

It’s tempting to put more points into Dexterity, but it’s really not necessary. Because this build has such a fast attack speed due to the Rapid Fire skill, even a mediocre crit chance % means you will still get plenty of critical hits. With the proper gear you will still get even more crits. You need to put quite a few points into this stat early in order to use higher level pistols, but later you can have just 1 point per level. You want to have most of your Dex points by the end of the third act (early/mid 50’s level) so you can use the highest level pistols possible for the final boss.

This build is extremely mana dependent, and its main skills also benefit from increased magic damage. Near the endgame you should have at least 300 mana points. Since natural mana regen is based on the total amount of mana you have, a high focus will help quickly fill up your mana after a series of attacks. With 2 or 3 mana regen gems, it’s unlikely you will need to use mana potions very often unless you suffer from a mana drain attack. You’re going to need plenty of mana starting from the very beginning, so you should almost always put at least 1 or 2 points into Focus each level until you reach 80 points. The sooner you reach 80 Focus, the easier it will be to maintain constant attacks without needing to use mana potions.

This is not a glass cannon build. The extra Vitality helps to boost armor value and elemental resistances. It also increases the odds of surviving more than just one hit by hero mobs and bosses in the endgame. Vitality is not too important in the early game, but you will need all of it before completing your first run through all the acts. At some levels you may even want to put all 5 points into Vitality until you reach 75. With the proper gear, enchantments and gems, you should end up with at least 125 Vitality.



Rapid Fire – 15/15

Rune Vault – 15/15

Long Range Mastery – 15/15

Akimbo – 15/15

This is an early game skill, but it will eat your mana like crazy, so be sure to always have plenty of mana potions on hand. However, in the mid and end game you will have enough Focus and mana that you can use Rapid Fire exclusively, rather than occasionally using basic attacks when low on mana. This is a somewhat short range skill compared to other ranged builds, so be prepared to do some fancy footwork and kiting – or leaping ;D

This is more of a mid game skill, but since this is such a great escape skill you should put one point into it in the early game. Not only is it an awesome escape skill, it works perfectly when paired with Rapid Fire. Rather than kiting by running and stopping to shoot, you can Rune Vault then continue shooting. At Tier III this skill has a high chance to blind targets in the area, leaving them helpless to attack you. It also builds charges, and allows you to use all weapon abilites (like armor strip) and life/mana steal. This skill is a kiting wet dream.

This is an early game skill. Until you have enough focus that you can use Rapid Fire exclusively, you will sometimes need to use basic attacks. This skill provides a nice distance bonus to basic attacks. However, the main reason this skill is so awesome is because it increases ALL your ranged attack damage with pistols, including Rapid Fire. At the mid and end game you won’t even need the extra distance bonus, but it’s an ok perk for the early game. Note that this skill does not incease the range of Rapid Fire, but thats not a problem.

This is another early game skill. Extra pistol damage and increased chance to Execute. Whats not to like?

LORE – 27

Dodge Mastery – 12/15

Poison Burst – 15/15

This is an end game skill. There’s not a huge % difference between 12 and 15 points in this skill. 12 points provides a 26% Dodge bonus, which is plenty enough to help you from getting hit very often. With your natural Dex bonus to Dodge, and the proper gear, you should have about 50% Dodge in the end game – you’re going to need it!

This skill is simply amazing, and is used by almost every solid Outlander build. With 15 points it has a high chance of activating. This skill works like a nuclear chain reaction when it hits a mob horde. When fighting a solo boss this skill is worthless, but most bosses have at least some minions that you can kill with this skill to help weaken the boss.

SIGIL – 45

Stone Pact – 15/15

Shadow Mantle – 15/15

Master of the Elements – 15/15

This is a mid game skill. It heals, increases armor, and reflects damage for you and allies. It has a fairly wide radius and a decent duration. This is a great defensive skill and you should use it a lot if you want to stay alive.

This quirky skill is more of an end game skill. Its great vs ranged mobs, but it has a short duration and does not have a guaranteed damage reflection bonus. However, with 15 points it also has a good chance to blind ranged attackers, meaning that they will stop attacking you and not always kill themselves with damage reflection. I only use it in a pinch when getting hit hard by several ranged attackers and need to buy some time while killing melee attackers.

This is an end game skill. At 15 points this skill adds an extra 60% poison damage to your Poison Burst attacks and all other poison damage. It also gives 30% damage for the other elements, meaning you want pistols that deal mostly elemental damage rather than physical damage to maximize the awesomeness of this skill.


Rapid Fire
Long Range Mastery

Always keep these skills at maximum until they are 15/15. Eventually you will have some extra points for the next set of skills for this build.

Rune Vault
Poison Burst
Stone Pact

Rune Vault is a mid game skill, but put 1 point into it early. I like to alternate points between these skills and level them up at a similar pace.

Dodge Mastery
Shadow Mantle
Master of the Elements

Don’t worry about putting points into these skills until you have extra points after leveling up the previous 2 sets of skills for this build. You will probably complete your first run through all 3 acts before putting very many points into these skills.


Player Spells

For leveling and end game…
Dual Wielding
Armor Expertise

I like to use Adventuring for leveling, but if you really want to stay alive you will definitely need Armor Expertise and Willpower before you fight the Djinn near the end of act 2. So perhaps until then you could substitute Willpower with Adventuring if you would like to level up a bit faster.

Marksmanship and Dual Wielding both significantly increase damage, and Marksmanship also makes it easier for you to get higher level pistols.

Pet Spells
Nether Imps x2
Blood Zombie

This build doesn’t take full advantage of a minion build, but using your pet to summon all these minions lets you concentrate on the action. The minions don’t deal any significant damage, but they occupy enemy mobs while you stand back and blast away. If you pay attention you can often use the Archers as a barrier to prevent melee mobs from closing on you too easily.

Gear, Gems, and Enchantments

Gear For Leveling…

When you get to Act II if you are lucky you will find the pieces for the Outlaw set. It’s only 2 pistols and an amulet. Each piece and the set have great damage bonuses including bonuses to poison. You can use this set for a long time before it no longer serves your damage dealing needs.

For armor I prefer the Badlands set because of all the critical damage bonuses. However the best bonus is when you have 6 pieces for the 8% movement speed bonus. It makes kiting significantly easier. The biggest drawback of the Badlands set is its low armor value that cant support you up to the end game. So unless you want to be a glass cannon you should upgrade to the Wildwood set when you meet the level requirements.

The Wildwood set is super funky looking, but it has some really nice elemental damage bonuses. For this build you should always use pistols that deal mostly elemental damage rather than just physical damage, so the Wildwood armor set is a natural fit for the mid game that can take you into the 70s level range before upgrading to your end game gear. Try to get pieces that have a bonus to poison % damage to compliment the set bonus and enhance your Poison Burst skill. If you manage to get 7 pieces for the magic-find and exp bonus then thats nice, but don’t go crazy trying to find that final piece. You can survive well enough without it.

Gear For End Game…

Eventually you will get to the point that you will die from just one or two hits by a hero mob or boss. The benefits of the Wildwood set are fantastic, but the armor value can’t support you into the end game. When you have several Vendor Boon Scrolls, and are at least in the low 70s level, you should try to buy the Labarinto set to take you into the end game. I needed about 8 scrolls to buy 6 Labarinto armor pieces. The final piece is an amulet that you can’t buy from the Vendor Boon Scrolls. Hopefully I’ll get the amulet as a drop. Make sure you have saved LOTS of gold before using the scrolls.

The Labarinto set has some pretty good benefits although the increased range for Wands, Bows, and Pistols is wasted for this build if you use Rapid Fire as your primary attack. However, the Attack Speed, Critical Damage, and Critical Hit bonuses are exactly what this build needs. Additionally, many of the Labarinto armor pieces have a huge bonus to ranged attack damage. There are other end game unique armor pieces and sets with huge poison bonuses, but it’s a trap! Poison Burst will already be strong enough in the end game thanks to the Master of the Elements skill, and you really don’t need more than that. What you will need vs end game bosses is raw pistol damage bonuses, and thats what Labarinto does in addition to the pieces providing some nice survivabilty perks.


There are so many awesome Pistols to choose from that work well with this build. Just keep in mind a couple important concepts when choosing your pistols…

Elemental damage is better than physical damage for this build, especially poison.

Certain pistol affixes won’t work with Rapid Fire, but some do. Things like Knockback work great with Rapid Fire, but other things like distance bonuses, health and mana steal I am not sure about. However, the more pistol affixes the better after you have Rune Vault at Tier III.


I like to use a mixture of three types of gems to socket my gear. The skulls that increase all damage are great for leveling. Two or three of those skulls makes a big difference. Near the end game I prefer using Orpantile Skulls for the 20% ranged damage boost.

You will need 2 or 3 mana regen gems in order to maintain your mana pool.

To make you less squishy you will need either skulls that increase your health, or skulls that increase your vitality. While leveling I prefer the skulls that increase Vitality, because it also helps increase your armor and resistances. Near the end game I like to add at least a couple of Skulls of Riechliu to push my health up to 10K and higher. You can also sometimes buy these from the Vendor Boon Scroll, but they are incredibly expensive.


I am not too picky about enchantments for armor. While leveling I prefer the enchantments that decrease elemental damage or physical damage. For my pistols I prefer getting 3 poison enchantments.


This is a very fun build to play but it can be tricky because Rapid Fire requires mid ranged kiting rather than long ranged kiting. However, when used in combo with Rune Vault the kiting becomes fun and exciting to watch. Until you buy your end game armor set you will get more and more squishy as you level up. Be prepared to do some serious kiting in boss fights.

You MUST use the key to prevent you from moving while attacking. The last thing you want to do with this build is accidentally run into the middle of a mob horde. I use the SHIFT key as my movement stopper keybinding. That way I can line up my left hand on the SHIFT, Z, X, and C keys. I use the C key as my alternate toggle between Stone Pact and Rune Vault. I bind Shadow Mantle to my number 1 key because I dont use that skill as often. In the mid and end game I NEVER use basic attacks, instead I replace my basic attack button with Rapid Fire.

You can click on a target then attack it with Rapid Fire if you want. But most of the time I find it more beneficial to not target anything and just unload with Rapid Fire. If you hold down the SHIFT key (or whatever key you use to prevent your character from moving) and place the cursor close to your character, it’s very easy to maintain a continuous barrage with Rapid Fire and rotate your character by carefully moving the cursor in a circular motion around your character. You can rapidly send out a 360 degree spread of shots if you are getting swarmed and have nowhere to run.

This build works just as well on Normal as it does on Veteran or Elite. The only difference is that elite difficulty requires a lot more kiting than veteran or normal.


This entire build is based on the Synergies Mod. I feel that this mod is a good improvement of the core game without breaking the game and making it too easy. Most of the information in this guide is still viable with the core game, but certain details are likely to be different. If you haven’t tried the Synergies Mod you should check it out! You won’t regret it!!

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