Torchlight 2 Engineer Sword and Board Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Engineer Sword and Board Build Guide by Placeholder

v1.0 – Engineer 42/45/35

I noticed there was a lack of tankgineer builds out there, so I figured I’d start one. I’m running him through elite now, and since I just started, the build is still flexible.

I’ll add some more info on this as I go, but I wanted to get it up here for comments.


Seismic Slam: Good AoE damage, great stun as well as an interrupt, and our early damage spell. I recommend taking a point out of flame hammer and putting it in this.

Onslaught: Good for escapes and charging packs of enemies. 1 point because I don’t plan on using it as a main damage spell.

Emberquake: Fantastic for AoE or single target damage.

Healing Bot: Absolutely essential for survival and mana regen. There’s really no reason not to max this on any engineer build.

Forcefield: Our main damage soak. You could try dropping this and relying on passives such as aegis and bulwark, buuut I haven’t tried that yet. Not sure if it’s a good idea on Elite.

Immobilization Copter: Figured I’d try it out, heard some good things about it, but not enough to warrant 15 points, considering we have a stun and interrupt with Seismic Slam.

Supercharge: Great for building charge and doing damage, might not be worth 15 points, but I’ll leave it there until I get some feedback on it.

Coup de Grace: Seismic Slam is going to cause a lot of stuns, so the extra damage, paired with our decently high strength, makes this a logical choice for 1 point.

Bulwark: Pretty self-explanatory, more armor means more survivability. Might take some points out of this since I plan on keeping Forcefield up all the time.

Fire and Spark: Works with emberquake, seismic slam and onslaught.

Sword and Board: More damage! Yay!… self explanatory.

201 Strength – second priority – This’ll keep our damage up, and I’m assuming it will provide more bonus damage than focus would, but that’s debatable. It works with Coup de Grace, however, so I’m gonna stick with Str for the moment.

53 Dexterity – third priority – Only get this up to 50 or 53 for the 10% crit chance, pretty much standard for any class or build. The dodge is nice too.

5 Focus – fourth priority – I’m not putting any points in this, since I’m relying on healing bot to take care of mana regen for me, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

276 Vitality – FIRST priority – Now, I’m looking for some feedback on this. If I’m correct, this magic number + 10% block from a shield will put you right at the 50% block chance cap. And of course, the extra health is important too.

1. Drop Forcefield, pick up Aegis of Fate, and tier 2 tremor (we don’t need the stun, we have Seismic Slam for that – however, if you want, you could use a respec potion and replace seismic slam with this once you can get tier 3).

2. Take 5 points out of something (I’d vote copter) and push Aegis of Fate to 15, for maximum damage absorbtion. Push survivability to the max.

3. Drop Bulwark, put those points in Charge Reconstitution and focus on getting Forcefield up every time it’s off cooldown and you have some charge – Charge Reconstitution doesn’t care how much charge you used, just that you used charge.

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