Top Eleven Tips and Tricks

Top Eleven Tips and Tricks by PricopGeorgeCătălin

About me
You don’t need to follow my exemple but you can check my performances (Orlova FC). I have one of the best trophys room reporting on my level.

About game
Something what you need to know from the start this is just a game, so it have bugs, errors and others but in time it will become better and better. You can lose easy even if you have better team or as well you can beat a better them.

About topic
I’m gona share my knowledge about Top11 with you. This is not a professional tutorial and thats why I won’t explain/say about everything. I know it will be boring to read so much but I spent more time writing and I’m sure you didn’t knew all this things and you will find something useful.


Formation is first thing about which you should take care when you are starting to play and it’s one of the most important thing in this game.

How to set formation:
Set formation by your best first 11 players, but there are some rules, to have a normal possesion you should have at least 3 defenders, 2 midfielders (x2 MC recommended), 1 striker and 1 player one each side (left/right).

It’s very possible like at the end your formation to look very strange but as long you have 1 player on both side, 3 defenders and 2 midfielders (x2 MC recommended) and 1 striker, is perfect. I will post an exemple:


You can say is it don’t make sense or it won’t work but with that tactic and normal players (no 6 stars, special abilities or I don’t know what) at the end of season 8, team achievements was:

Why you should not change your tactic?
A lot of players are changing their tactic against other players and they are fails, you need to know when you are changing your formation you are losing very much and there is no formation who can beat an other one, clear. First of all if you are this type of manager you will need to buy more players, then changing players very often you won’t give them opportunity to grow normal, more games on substitution bench it’s mean less skill points so a weaker team also their moral will decrease much faster and you will need to use more boosters from game to game and this can be a big problem.

Keeping same formation for all season, will not guarantee that you will win all games but you won’t need to use so many boosters, you don’t need to many substitutions and your first 11 will become better from a game to an other one.


Tactic is the second thing which you should take care after you finished with your formation, there are a lot of types and you can switch them easy from a game to an other one.

How to set tactic:
I see a lot of players are changing their tactic from a game to an other and I will never understand why, for me is just a lot of wasted time, I’m using same tactic for 8 seasons and really check my trophys room is pretty awsome.

Arrows are very great tool. To activate them click on a player and you will have red and blue arrows, you can use them because it will make your players to go more in attack or in defense, simply use blue for all defenders and red for midfielders and strikers and avoid to give red arrows to defenders, as long you are not playing against Internationale Milano and you don’t have Gareth Bale to run like crazy along side and score.

Orders are “important” for some, but like I said I didn’t changed them from level 1 and for me its worked very good, maybe it won’t be same for you but in my oppinion dosen’t metter on your team you need to play on attacking if you want to win. This are my settings, ofcourse you don’t need to play with them.

Auto-substitutions is one of the most important tool and you should use it for sure, is very good for players who have only 1 player on side, because in case of injured you will lose all ball possesion, in case of red card, pray to God or Budha. Even if you don’t have a player for that part, just put somebody still is better then nothing.

Penalty taker’s order is something what can help you especialy if you have a player with special ability, but if you don’t one set the player who have the most points on attack.

Free-kick taker’s order is very important because you are getting 1,2 or even more chances per game. Here is again same story like on penalty, if you don’t have a player with special ability, set for this the player who have the most points on attack.

Corner-kick taker’s order is much easier as long is pretty easy to find a player with this special ability but if you don’t have it, check your midfielders and strikers to see who have the most points on passing that one should be the best.
(or set your GK and don’t worry he don’t need to run 100+ metters back, he can teleport)

Captain’s order is not giving you anything so you don’t need to care about it, but if you really want, put the oldest player, try to make him more happy before he retire.

Others: Training is something what you should not abuse, also don’t train your players if they are low then 75% fitness, is very important when you start a game like your players to have a very good procent of fitness. Don’t train main players during the season if is not necessary, but you can train substitutions every day without problems, ofcourse you risk to get injured players.

Others: Skill Points, are rewards after a game or training so try to use them wisely, for defenders give all points only to defense for midfielders and strikers give all points to attack, avoid to learn new possitions or special ability because is very hard and more then sure you won’t be able.

Others: Friendly games are very good if you attempt to collect some boosters or moneys, but like on training you risk to injure them.

Others: Fitness & Moral, this two should be always or how much often on maximum if you want your team to perform very good.

Others: Win bonus is very important if you want your team to play better or this is what Nordeus told me, to set go to finances then to tickets & bonuses and in left-down part of screen you have win bonus. If you have moneys try to give them full.

Others: Tickets price, should not be on maximum, try to find exactly the best amount because is depend from team to team, start with a low price around 6 and add 1 dollar if you see if you full stadium. Is important to have full stadium because you are winning 5% ball possesion.

[b]Others: Watch games if you can, don’t run from school, work or let your girlfriend to wait for you outside in -20 grades because maybe she will find somebody else to “heat”. You are taking 8% ball possesion for that and 2% for each friend, but you can’t have more then 15%. Also you can manage better your team.


Here enter, moneys and tokens, the bad/good part is you can’t cheat or use game in your advantage, there is some way to cheat moneys and is working but is only temporary and if you will use that moneys, after you reload application you risk to be on minus with moneys.

Is not so easy to collect them and you can lose then very easy so you always need to be careful what are you doing with them. If you want to buy some emblem or jerseys, don’t do that from your main account, you can create 1 or 100 accounts and send to you how many emblems and jerseys you want but don’t do it from your account, this way is not against the rule so is 100% legit and 1% fair play but why we should care about that.

How to get tokens:
I will explain you more ways to get tokens, how you spend them is your job and if you are on same server with me, I hope you will lose them fast and you won’t get anything for them.

TV Rights are the first who bring to you tokens for free, at the start of the game you need to sign some contract, here depend on you which one is more flexible for you, I’m using second one. There are 4 types of contract NORDEUS, SPEED, TOPKERS(aka Snickers) or TOPOFONE (aka Vodafone). Only first 2 deserve so you need to think which one is better for you. NORDEUS is very good if you can’t come daily, duration is 10 days and you can get 28 tokens in one season, next one is SPEED and the best if you can log everyday, same like on SPEED duration is 10 days but you can get up to 35.

Win Tokens. You can win some tokens for free by completing free offers, watch videos, download games/programms or other tasks. If you want check click on BUY TOKENS and then you should have more offers and there you can find more providers from where you can get tokens for free or contra-cost.

Refferal. This is new to game so if you are bored and you want more tokens you can invite your friends, just ask them to click on invitation if they don’t like it they don’t need to pay but maybe some of them will love this game. And if you are very bored and you have time you can create more account and invite yourself, is legit (I think) is working from same IP (for the moment yes) but is not “FAIR PLAY”. PS: You don’t need to care about that.

Donating is the best way to get tokens, ofcourse if you want to spend moneys for this game, you are not forced so you are free to choose. If you buy from your mother or father card, better take a big amount of tokens, anyway you will have problems after that and at least you will have more tokens.

Moneys have the same importance as tokens, maybe at the start you won’t need to many, especialy after level 1 when you will be in cup versus teams who are level 20 and you will get few milions per game and for a player you several hundred K, but when you will go more far in level, moneys from Competition won’t help you to much so you need to know how to sell your players.

How to get moneys:
There are more ways here to get moneys, first you are taking from sponsorship contracts. The best contract is NORDEUS but you need to log daily so here is same, you know how often you can log so depend on you, but if you can log daily choose NORDEUS or try Env (aka Envato).

Ticket sales. You can set prices for 3 competitions, don’t set for all same. At friendly games you won’t have so many so try to set some small price, in league should be somewhere at middle and in CL it can be a bit more expensive, but here you need to check which is the best for each one, select a price and if you see your stadium is full, add 1 more dollar to see if it will be again full and try to find the best price but at the same time to have full stadium to don’t lose ball possesion.

Selling players. This is the most important part for moneys and from where you should get the most. The best moment to sell players is after 6,7 PM when the most are online and at the end of the season, don’t wait till season is end and then to sell them at the start, because their price will go low very much because they are 1 year older.

Free contract players. You can also search on transfers market players who have an (F) where is price, they are free so all what you need to pay is their contract, you don’t need to pay other moneys but yes you will need to pay tokens to so be careful don’t give on them more then 1 token.

Buy moneys. If you have to much tokens and you don’t know what to do with them you can buy moneys but is not such a good idea for exemple at my level 8 with 45 I can buy 40 millions but with 45 tokens I can buy as well easy 30 players out of contract and I can sell them with 4,5 millions, this is more then 120M so it’s more then 3 times.


Maybe the best part of this game are transfers, I will show you some tricks about how you should bid and when, maybe in time I will make some video of buying players.

Date: The wrost and the best is at the start of the season when everybody is looking for players, but is important from you to buy good players for the new season as soon as you can.

Time: This is very important and you should know when is good to bid and when is good to avoid. The best time is in the morning when there are not so many players online, around 6-8 is the best but even like that you can find somebody who have a lot of tokens, things like this can happen all the time.

Connection: If you have a bad or not such a good internet connection avoid to bid in last second a small delay can make you to lose a player very easy.

Others: Less tokens: A lot of players are bidding with 1,2 tokens and then they are crying because they don’t have any chance so avoid to bid if you don’t have at least 5 or more tokens.

What you need – you need to avoid!

Is good to avoid players with special ability and young players but this is what you need more too so check to see how many players bid for him before and wait how much you can, if is possible till less second on initial round.

What you should buy is what you need to avoid but here depend on you, on how many tokens you have and how much you want to risk.

What you need to know before!

The point is to buy young players,players with special abilities or players who are close to become an other level (new star). But with all this there are a lot of players much better, who maybe they look weaker on general quality but on their post they can be equivalent of a 6,7 stars player, take a look on next pictures and you can see how a 58 quality player can be better then a 59 quality player on their possition.


It can play an important role in your career and for your team. First try to upgrad stadium and then start with facilities but start with what you need more and let for the end facilities like SCOREBOARD or LIGHTS.

Stadium: its very good and it help you to get faster moneys, plus is look very nice to have a big stadium.

Seatings: it won’t help you to much and at the end you will need to pay more and you will wait more time so if you want to upgrade them don’t do it, upgrade stadium.

Pitch: this is very important and it reduce the number of injured players

Lights: are just visual so let them for the end, the best part is you don’t need to pay electricity for them.

Medial: yes this is something proprietary, especialy when you have so many injured players.

Utilities: you are not winning to much moneys with this so you can let it for end but anyway is more important then Lights or Scoreboard.

Parking: is pretty important and is increasing the number of your fans and if you have a great car like Bumblebee from Transformers you can meet Megan Fox.

Training: is important too and it’s helping you to improve your players.

U-21: is good only for selling this young players who you will get, you can make some nice moneys with them but is bad that you are taking only few 2 or 4 during of 1 season.



Like I said at the start this is how I see the game, others don’t see like me, some of them think they are Ferguson (from Manchester United), Mourinho (C.F Real Madrid) or Kim Poulsen (from national of Tanzania).

Thank you for your time!

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    Ik heb in mijn team een anvalende middenvelder staan. Ik heb gevraagd om er de functie van middenveder (MC) bij te voegen zodanig dat ik die op de twee plaatsen kan gebruiken. Maar wat moet ik juist doen. Kunt u mij helpen.
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    This is not good at all! I can tell you! No matter what your player is…attacker or need to give the skill points in balance…try tot put them to be equal… eg. ; defence 60 attack 60 mental 60

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