Facebook Top Eleven Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Top Eleven Frequently Asked Questions by the zed

1. I played Champions league, but I didn’t receive my prize money
You were receiving the money after every game you played in Champions League. The amount of 2.8M (depends on the level) for winning the Champions league is Total amount including Champions league Finals.

2. I couldn’t join the game. After “Less then a minute” message, the game was already finished. The result was 3-0
This game was finished with official result 3-0, because the opponent didn’t have enough players for the match.

3. When i open Transfer list all the players just disappear
If your Transfer list is empty you need to check your System clock. Check everything: Time, day, month, year and Timezone.

4. Can I use Facebook Credits to buy Tokens?
No. Simple as that.

5. I am Level 1 and I am playing in League level 2
System is generating leagues automatically trying to group friends and considering their levels. If a higher league can not be formed due to lack of teams of appropriate level, a lower level teams will be used to fill up the missing spots.

6. I don’t have any friends in my league
The system tries to group as many FB friends of same level into same league but due to too many links between friends (your friend is playing but he has few more friends who play as well who are not your friends etc.), some managers might end up not grouped with their mates. However, new leagues are created each season so just because you ended up in a league without friends does not mean that it will be same next season.

7. My players lost one star
You made progress and you are now playing in a better league. The quality of your players remained the same. They just lost one star because the competition in this league is tougher (better)!

8. How do I invite friends to play with me?
Click on the “Invite Friends tab” on the top of the game, or click empty slot (Invite friends) in the list of your friends at the bottom of the game.
Important note:
there are a number of servers on which the game is running. Each server has 100 000 spaces capacity. This means that if you were the last team (or among some of the last teams) to fill the server, all of your friends who you invite next will end up on a different server (as yours is obviously full) and therefore will not be visible to you. Every now and then, a reshuffle is done so that as many friends possible get grouped on the same server. This means that some of your friends who are not visible to you this season, might become visible in a season or few. Side effect is that you also may end up “loosing” some of your friends who are now visible to you. This is all still a work in progress.

9. TOKENS————I paid but i didn’t receive my tokens
Best way to sort this out is to write to support@nordeus.eu They will fix the problem for you OR will tell you what to do next.

When you e-mail support@nordeus.eu, make sure you include your your Facebook ID

10. What happens to inactive teams?
If a manager does not log in into the game for 70 days, the team he owned gets deleted.

11. Injured players?
As in real life, injuries are something that happens without warning. You might get unlucky and hit a streak of injuries or your team might go foe few weeks without anyone getting injured. You never know. Through infrastructure, you can somewhat reduce the chance for your players to get injured and reduce the length of those injuries but do not expect that your players will become immune to injuries once your infrastructure reaches maximum level. A bad tackle is a bad tackle. You can brake your leg at Old Trafford just the same as you can brake it in your back yard. Ambulance will help you heal your players by providing you with healing boosters (red suitcases).
Maximum number of injuries a team can have at one time is 7. If you end up having more then 7 injured players at one point (more then 7 are unable to play due to injury) do report this to: support@nordeus.eu

12. I followed the match LIVE and saw the score. However, later on the result changed?
This is a serious and a very unpleasant problem. This happens when servers fail for some reason and backup has to be applied. As backup is usually from a day before, all matches that are played after last backup have to be simulated again. This is what causes results to change. Developers are working on resolving this issue.

13. Can I play players in other then allocated positions?
Yes you can. However, the further you place a player from his natural position, the more penalties he will suffer. Basically, DMC will play rather well as a MC or DC as it is not far from his natural position. However, he might have a tough time playing as ST.
Note that any player CAN indeed do well in any position. Your GK might get a 9 and score 3 goals if you place him in the attack. However, if you leave him there for a couple of games, his form is sure to slump.

14. Player morale is always low?
Some players are harder to motivate then others so you will have to use more morale boosters on them.

15. My account is in the minus. What now?
Each user can have minus on his/her account. This can be understood like a credit. After getting into minus, you have 7 days to make your account balance positive. If you don’t, system will sell your players starting from the best one. The sell-off will start after seven (7) continuous days your account has been in minus. One player per day will be sold until you get out of “red”.

16. Youth recruits through infrastructure?
Your youth academy will offer 2 new players every now and then. One player you can sign “for free” (using only money) while another one will cost you 13 – 28 tokens depending on his quality. Usually, a player you get for free will be of 2 star quality while the one you would need to spend tokens on would be of 4 star quality. These players will always be 18 year old.
By improving your youth academy, you will be reducing the time in which these 2 players are ready. At highest level, you will be getting 2 players every 12 days.
In case that your player rooster is full one day before your youths should arrive, you will get a message that you should make space for them. Rooster has 22 slots by the way. So, in case that you do not make space for new young players, they will just not arrive at all and you will have to wait next X days (depending on your youth academy level) to get 2 new ones.

17. Unrealistic match results !!!
Balancing match engine is a constant process. Each season, the algorithm gets tweaked a bit.

18. Contract extensions !!!
You are going to be reminded to extend your contracts with your players few times during the season. When your players are showing “1 year remaining” of their contract, that means they are already in the last year of the contract. In case you do not extend it, they will leave your club as free agents in the end of the season.
It does not mean that there is 1 (one) more year after the current one until their contract expires.

19. My matches are scheduled 15-30 minutes apart! My players will not be able to recover in time!
Don’t worry. Players only really rest once a day and that is during server maintenance (from 3 till 5 in the morning). This means that it does not matter if you play 2 matches in 15 minutes space or one match in the morning and 1 in the evening.

20. Treatments, rests and morale boosters
You will need to pay 5 treatments or 5 Tokens in order to reduce the injury period for 1 day. Healing 2 days will cost you 9 treatments or Tokens, 3 days will cost 12, 4 days will cost 14, 5 will cost 15 and any injury greater then 5 days will still only cost you 15 treatments or 15 Tokens.
Rest work simpler: 1 rest will get your selected players condition improved by 30% while 2 rests spent will get him up to full condition.
Winning a match will give you +1 morale boost while losing will take 1 away (-1) though you can never go in minus (0 is as low as you can get).

21. Training
Players aged 18 – 21 train the fastest. Higher level youth academy also benefits their progress.
Players aged 22 – 26 train well but slower then players above. Training ground level benefits their progress.
Players aged 27 – 28 train very slowly but still train. Training ground benefits their progression as well.
Players aged 29 – 31 are no longer able to improve. They remain as they are no matter what.
Players aged 32 – 24 tend to lose their skills. It is in this period that all players retire as well. You will never see a player who is 35 years old in Top Eleven.

Note that players who take part in matches train faster then those who do not.

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