The WarZ How to Attack Someone When Alone Tips

The WarZ How to Attack Someone When Alone Tips by BesOn

This topic was post on our clan forum, but I think it’ll interesting to discussion by other players.

So try to be sneaky and playing with 3rd player view.
Stay behind walls, cars any obstacles which will protect you for being detected.
Try to wait player come back from location(market, shop, house). Let’s consider one case.

You found potential player for kill. He didn’t see you. And he’s farming. He entered in marker and look for loot.

There 2 cases:

1) Wait for him behind wall and kill when he will exit from market
2) Kill him from behind while he’s obtaining some item.

Try to understand what weapon he has. If it’s only hammer, just run to him in distance 4-5 meter and shoot him from shotgun (the best weapon for cities, if you’re sneaky)

If you have pistol try to shoot automatically. In magazine 13 bullets and for kill you need 2 or 3 (depends of weapon) so obviously enemy will be killed. Usefull distance is 15m. Try to headshot.

Do not fight in open areas. Try to be behind obstacles. If you get trapped by 2 person and they know your location, try to bypass them from behing.

You have 2 enemies on sight and your location is unknown use the surprise factor. Will be good if you trap them in some close area.

Next the best way for kill enemy, when he’s fighting with zombie. If he will start to shoot you he’ll be killed by zombie in other case you will kill him while he’s trying to kill screaming guy )

As Kascade said it depends of your player style.

If you’re playing with shotgun or pistol try to trap player in close range and places where “food” can’t hide from you or run. Because shotgun useless in middle range and aiming from pistols is difficult.

If you’re playing with rifle (m16 has poor accuracy in middle or long range), this is unique kind of weapon no need special tactic. Shoot em’ all

If you’re playing with sniper let the player out from city, with this you don’t give him a chance for running from your bullets. use SHIFT for stop breathing (this will make your aiming easy). Also will be usefull to hide behind some obstacle. It will protect you from backfire and again surprise factor.

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