The WarZ New Player’s Tips

The WarZ New Player’s Tips by Kamasu Tra

There have been a number of people complaining about their first few hours in the game, stating it is too hard, or that they can’t find anything, or that they keep dieing. I suggest we start compiling some tips and hints for new players that they can browse through and learn from.

I’ve got a handful here already, feel free to add your own!

– Binoculars are your best friends. Flashlights are not.

– Cities are a death trap, and even smaller towns have a much high chance of having a survivor or bandit in them somewhere then the forests or mountains. They are there for supplies and weapons though, both things you will need yourself.

– Keep to trees when moving cross country.

– Look behind you at least every 10 seconds. Half that if you are in a settlement.

– Watch the light and shadows. They can all be used to your advantage. If you have to cross a open area where you suspect a sniper lays in wait, your best bet is to either wait for darkness, or when the sun will be in the snipers eyes.

– The over view map you have access to is flipped. North is on the bottom, and south is on the top.

– You can see what time it is in the world, and what server you are on, by looking at the Esc menu.

– If you have to access your inventory to eat food/apply meds, go prone. You should keep commonly used things (Binocs, Bandages, Food and Water) on your quick bar to prevent having to go into your bag in the middle of a hairy situation.

– Certain buildings will have certain items spawn in them more often (Clinics have medical supplies, Diners usually have food, etc).

– Don’t trust anyone

– Always avoid surfaces that sound incredibly loud

– Do not reload by habit

– Always make sure if your traveling in a group to determine who is carrying what stack of items to make the most out of your backpack space.

– Do not type in area chat unless you are sure you are very well hidden, and have eyes on all possible hostiles in the area.

– Do not carry bags of chips, granola bars, chocolate, energy drinks or juice unless your desperate.

– Conserve your ammo for bigger zombies and players, always carry a long range gun and a shotgun if possible

– Switch between your different weapons depending on what area you are in. Shotguns are better in a city then a rifle, due to all the close quarters you will be engaging in. Conversely, a shotgun is useless once you step into a forest or field, where there are longer sight lines and people can get a bead on you from longer ranges and keep you in sight.

– When attacking zombies, aim up a bit to hit them in the head, rather then the body.

– Painkillers are useless once you have a ton of bandages, since they do the same thing, but you can use bandages on other people.

– When playing in a group, it’s a good idea to outfit each person with a different range set of weapons and gear. Have your point man carry a shotgun and body armor, as well as a few flares, where as your spotter should be armed with binocs and a rifle of some sort to deal with mid range threats, and if possible, a friendly sniper on a hillside outside of a town makes a excellent guardian angel.

– Positional awareness is key. Try to keep which direction north is in your mind at all times, so that if you need to make a quick escape from somewhere, you can estimate where you need to go on the fly without looking at your map.

– If playing in a group, voice communication is a must. You don’t want to walk around a corner and accidentally blow your friends head off because you thought he was a bandit. On the flip side, you don’t want to walk around a corner, stop to type “Hey, is that you?”, only to get your face smashed in by a bad guy.

More Tips by BiPolarBear

Aim for the head, especially with melee weapons. When using a melee, it’s where your weapon is hitting, not where your crosshair is. You can swing for a while and not kill anything unless you aim for the head

Food replenishes a little health

Juice replenishes thirst, a little hunger and health

Soda replenishes thirst and a little hunger

Granola replenishes hunger and stamina

Chips replenish hunger at the cost of thirst

Zombies on the ground may not be dead, nor will they stand up until you’re either quite close or attacking something

You can hold down the left mouse button for rapid melee instead of clicking repeatedly

You can switch shoulders in third person by holding down the right mouse button and pressing SHIFT. Weapon must be equipped

BACKSPACE holster’s your weapon and turns off your flashlight

You can only access your Global Inventory (GI) from a safe zone

When you die and respawn, you respawn without any items

Only your first 5 created characters will have items automatically on them

Zombies drop loot in certain areas

Civilian weapons can be found anywhere, military weapons can only be found in bases or helicopter crashes

Right click accessories in your inventory or press F6 to attach them to your gun


Pressing TAB in game will show you how many users are on that server and their reputation

If you are in prone, hold down CTRL to move without making any noise

F1 is Proximity chat, F2 is Global and F3 is Clan

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