The War Z Trading Safely Guide

The War Z Trading Safely Guide by molitovmichelle

I have seen a number of threads and posts of people being killed and robbed and as some of you say “scammed out of a trade”.
So I will give some really good tips as I also have a cake shop and trade somewhat regular and have never had one single problem.

Ok most of this list is just common sence but this is what I do and how I trade most of the time.

1.Always trade in safeZones, you will never be killed then during or after a trade.

2.Do a little background check on the person you are trading with. It takes about 2mins to do and lays your mind at ease I find.

3.Make sure you know who you are trading with, what name they are and what they are wearing.

4.There are a few ways to actually trade, both persons trading should show the goods to each other by putting it on your hot bar then trade at a distance(10-15M) then both collect your things as you both have to move away from your gear. Or as I am a trusted trader as many are you can take the goods and check they are all there, after you have picked them up drop yours(only with trusted traders).

5.Go through a trading thread, some people who help others safely trade are helpful to take the gear/items from both people and give items seperately to them.

6.NEVER TRADE OUT OF A SAFEZONE. I know I said this one but its important not to get killed as so many people getting robbed by this.

7.If unsure then dont trade with that person, find someone else to trade with but be ready for bad rep.

8.If still unsure then go over the tips again

I hope this helps people have a easy trade, if you have some other questions about trading then PM me and I will try to help. Why not pop into my little cake shop some time, you might see something you like.

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