The Settlers Online Worth of Loot Spots Guide

The Settlers Online Worth of Loot Spots Guide by SidV

Hi there,

i got often the question: “Hi Sid, do you know how much is a loot spot worth? How many coins could i get, if i sell the second loot spot from my adventure?”

Okay here a short “How to?” again from me. I use the adventure “Stealing from the rich” as example:

Step 1) i take a look at the reward infos of the adventure.

You could see, the loot spot from “stealing” has 6 different lootslots.

Slot1 = Exotic Wood Logs (EWL) or Granite
Slot2 = Hard Wood Planks (HWP) or Marble
Slot3 and Slot4 = are Weaponslots
Slot 5 = Beer, bread, sausages or settler
Slot 6 = different kinds of refiller (iron, wheat, gold, meat) and in this case ALSO the possibility to get a bonus/epic loot (flowers, white castle)

Step 2) Okay now we know exactly what we could get now we calc the worth.
Slot 1 has 4 different possibilities … i dont calc it now exactly, because it would be then much to complicated… i do only a fast calc in my head.
300 EWL are around 90 coins worth
400 EWL are around 120 coins worth
400 granite are around 340 coins worth
500 granite are around 430 coins worth

Okay i know now, Slot 1 is around 100-400 coins worth

BTW its not necessary to get here exactly coins… it’s also not necessary if you use buy in prices or seller prices… i do the calc only for me, to know a basic worth.

Do so with all Slots … i know the first time its maybe a bit work… but you will see, if you do it, its really simple and easy.

Step 3) Now i have a rough calc from all Slots.
Slot 1 = 100-400 coins
Slot 2 = 10 coins
Slot 3 = 70-100 coins
Slot 4 = 70-100 coins
Slot 5 = 6-90 coins
Slot 6 = 5-120 coins (and epic bonus)

SUM = 260-800 … that means: worst case = 260 coins, best case 800 … its very unrealistic to get the worst case (= all lootslots must be worse then ^^ … and its very unrealistic to get the best case, all lootslots are jackpots) … mostly you get something between but now you have a real good tool to know fast and easy how much worth is a lootspot.

If i wana buy now a lootspot i know i get goodies they are minimum 260 coins worth, mostly more. I know also that i have to sell them (= work). I know also i have in this case a epic bonus ( depends on you if that has a bonus worth for you or not )

I would pay atm between 200-300 coins for a lootspot in stealing. If i want the castle maybe up to 350 coins ^^ when i have a good day.

and here a short second example: Black Knights

Slot 1 = 300-900
Slot 2 = 60
Slot 3 = 400-1400
Slot 4 = 400-1400
Slot 5 = 10-300
Slot 6 = 30-600
(the chance to get slot 8 is so less that i dont calc it)

SUM = 1200-4600 coins (worst case 1200 … best case 4600 coins)

I would pay atm up to 1800 coins for the lootspot in dark knights. If i want the castle maybe 2000 or bit more.

I hope its now a bit clearer and you could use the infos for your own rough calc.

See You,

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