The Settlers Online Black Knights Adventure Guide

The Settlers Online Black Knights Adventure Guide by Hasmir

The Black Knights was a month ago an adventure almost impossible to do, but now it’s a piece of cake.
Includes 2 double blocks, but they are tested and work without a problem.

Units need: 960 Recruits, 109 Militia, 170 Bowmen 237 Elite Soldiers, 130 Cavalary, 126 Crossbows
Units lost max: 960 Recruits, 107 Militia, 170 Bowmen

Tactical map includes also a version for all of you without Elite Soldiers. Recruits loss is a bit higher since Soldiers bring less damage.

Tactical map (click to enlarge)


I have to give big thanks to Scarman for his help with this map. His garrison setup is just beautiful.
This was my first map, and I couldn’t complete it without him.

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