The Settlers Online Adventure Guides Compilation

The Settlers Online Adventure Guides Compilation by Killste

With new patfinding system, some of adventures has been changed,
Maps working with path finder:
Dark Priest
Son of the Veld.
The Island of the Pirates.
Stealing from the Rich
Roaring Bull (Aloeran tactical map)

Information, Tips and Warnings

Your worst enemy when blocking is lag. I usually use blocking method gmt 00.00-06.00, when most people are sleep and game has less lag.

If you dont like tactical maps that are posted here, use Combat simulator A (german) Combat simulator B or Combat simulator C to find your own methods.

Use this to watch possible loot from new adventures.

Use this if you can’t read german

SiedlerVision(german) some of those adventures, maps and garrison settings are copied from that site with improvements.

You notice that some garrison setups are same with normal general and Veteran general. That is because, if your general with 200 units can kill all enemy units in first round, there is no point bring more troops. Losses will bee same.

If you use other methods, like M instead of S, you can copy my pictures of the maps and write your garrison settings on the map picture and please post it in here. I add your tactical map to the right adventure and add you to credit list.

Please read this to understand how blocking works or at least watch first picture, when you send second general.
If you don’t use blocking methods the troops fort that camp is also added in the map. Without using the blocking method, the attack route will be the same, from top to bottom.

SidV with quote: “Please use the blocking method only if you know what you do, otherwise you will lose maybe more troops as with the normal method.”

MrM4h with quote: “Most important details in camp skipping are:- lag free server- timing- your own garrison placements and- army configuration for each of those generals.”

SidV with quote: “IMPORTANT: Please check the garrison settings always by yourself with the combat simulator too. I could not 100% guarantee, that there aren’t any typing errors left.”

You have been warned……


Question :Why Co-operation method?
Answer : If you want Play 2 or 3 player adventures and you are in low on population or you have friend/s that want play with you those Adventures, Co-operation is good method. You can divide two or three, your troops that you need in that adventure, and you need only few special troops to take with you. You can take 200 Cavalry and your friend can take 200 Soldiers. Because you have 200 Cavalry, your friend don’t need 200 cavalry, because you are attacking those camps, that need cavalry. And other way around. You don’t need attack camps, where you need 200 Soldiers, because you have friend, that attacks those camps. You already saved 200 population with this method. Later when your population grows you can change methods.

Question : What if I don’t have enough Soldiers, and it says I need 117S. Can I complete these adventure with no (or fewer) steel swords?
Answer : That’s possibility Check Combat simulator to see, what units you need. Those soldiers are also to reduce the death total among recruits, since I try to keep losses small as possible.

Question : How I can transfer general to landing zone 1 to landing zone 2 or G1 positions, or G2 position.

Answer : Watch pictures. If your general is not needing attack from landing zone, you can travel to G1 positions. When general is transferring, he will not attack enemy camps and is not going to intercepted. After you successfully attacked from G1 position you can transfer general to next G2 position.

Question : If I sent a blocking general with 100 soldiers will this keep the red square off longer then If I sent a blocking general with 42 soldiers?

Answer : No. If you have more soldiers, your soldiers make more damage, and fights faster and that mean they have less rounds. Those units that you need are corrected, don’t change them. And here is what I calculate what happens with 42 soldiers and 100 soldiers.

I will use The Island of The Pirates First Blocking method as example.

With 100 soldiers it takes about 2 Rounds
Your attacking general needs about 1-2 rounds to reach camp before it can start fighting in that camp. If you lucky, your general reach camp when block general fights first round, but you need still 1 more round to block general, because your attacking general needs 2 rounds to finish that camp, you are 1 or 2 rounds short.

With 53 soldiers it takes about 6 Rounds
If you have bad luck, your general reach camp, when 4 rounds is left with blocking general.
Your attacking general have 2 rounds and your block general have 4 rounds left.
You are technically safe with 2 more rounds.

Question : What are those 2 different blocking methods and can I replace blocking method 1 to blocking method 2 or blocking method 2 to 1?

Answer : First blocking method is sending general with 1 recruits, to give enough time, that your attacking general reach bandit camp, and start fighting, before your another general loose battle, and that bandit camp has red influence area back. You loose 1 recruits with this blocking method and your general goes unconscious.

Second blocking method is send troops, that start fighting in that camp and your another general reach destination (leader camp) and start fighting and fight faster and destroy that camp, before blocking general loose or wins battle. When leader camp is defeated, bandit camp is automatically removed, and your block general is not going loose any troops. Technically, block general fights never finished so is same that it never started. You don’t loose any blocks units with this blocking method and general is not going to unconscious

If you find a way to replace blocking method 1, to blocking method 2, with good combinations, that works everytime, please send it to here. That blocking method must work 100% every time you try that, so it’s not 50% gamble that your blocks going to succeed or fail.

Unfortunately to change block method 2 to 1, is not some times possible. I tried pirates with 1 recruit block and I was 1 round too short, so my general got intercepted, (after block general lost his battle) and turned against that block camp.

1 Player Adventures:

Bounty Hunter (SidV method) (Tutorial Adventure) [1 Player/3 Days/202XP]

Traitors. Tages Garrison setups normal + veteran [1 Player/3 Days/8710XP]

Witch Of The Swamp [1 Player/2 Days/5663XP] with Veteran (beta)

The Island of the Pirates[1 Player/2 Days/2752XP] with Veteran with path finder

Horseback [1 Player/2 Days/7230XP] with pathfinder

Outlaws [1 Player/4 Days/14020XP]

Old Friends [1 Player/2 Days/6810XP]

Bandit Nest [1 Player/2 Days/9980XP]

Wild Mary. Tages garrison setups [1 Player/2,5 Days/19290XP]

2 Player Adventures:

The Dark Priest & Tages Veteran garrison setups (full xp) (pathfinder works) [2 Player/2 Days/5975XP]

Stealing From the Rich [2 Player/4 Days/11870XP] with veteran, Tages garrison setup, with path finder

Sons Of The Veld Tages tactic setups with path finder [2 Player/8 Days/33440XP]

The Nords Hasmir Tactical map with Veteran [2 Player/8 Days/27530XP]

Surprise Attack Hasmir Tactical map with Veteran [2 Player/4 Days/41820XP]

Motherly Love [2 Player/2 Days/3030XP]

3 Player Adventures:

Gunpowder [3 Player/4 Days/37785XP]

Victor The Vicious fislice’s garrison setups
Tage’s garrison setup [3 Player/8 Days/27482XP]

Roaring Bull [3 Player/5 Days/37580XP] ALOERAN Tactical map (with path finding)

The Black Knights Hasmir Tactical map with Veteran [3 Player/8 Days/28175XP]

The Dark Brotherhood [3 Player/8 Days/51978XP]

Secluded Experiments [3 Player/10 Days/39935XP]

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