The Hobbit: KoM Free Mithril Guide

The Hobbit: KoM Free Mithril Guide by IronKladBlake and Noob_5BJC65B

Method 1

You can get free mithril by following this process. it is legit, without cost and spam free.

1 : Go to the market place and download the app ” app trailers ” it has the picture of a FilmReel and is made by AppRedeem Inc.
2 : Run the app, and be sure to allow push notifications or your points will not go through.
3 : Click the bottom right tab called settings and register your account. Use my referral code “thegreenling” this will give you easy extra points. You can do this by going to the video tabs and clicking on ” Enter Bonus Code “. You will immediately get 90 points.
4 : Go to the videos tab and watch the 30 second trailers
5 : Be sure to download the app and try it for 2 minutes, App Trailers will notify you when it will count. This gives about 100-200 extra points.
6 : When you have saved up enough points Itunes users will use points to get an Itunes cards.
7 : Use the card to purchase your mithril in game!

Enjoy the mithril

Method 2

(What !?! FREE Mithril My precious they give for free!)

Kabam has partnered with TapJoy to give you the opportunity to earn FREE Mithril!!!

Follow these steps to get started:

1.Go to and click “sign up”

2.Create your profile, agree to the terms of use and click “next”

3.Almost done! Click “next” to install your profile on the following page

4.Install your profile by clicking “install” and then “install now” when prompted

5.Tap the “Hobbit” app under “My Apps” and start earning FREE Mithril!

If you have issues with setting up an account, claiming your Mithril or anything else related to TapJoy please visit Their Forum Post:

Earn Free Mithril via

or contact their Support directly:

TapJoy Help
Mailing Address

111 Sutter Street
13th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104



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16 Responses

  1. Miroslav Ivanov says:

    Hi, the hobbit does not appear in my Tapjoy???

  2. Curtis says:

    I tried using thegreenling referal code and it didnt work

  3. S says:

    Tapjoy works and its for tons of games you have to following instructions sonetimes you need to reach certain levels I’ve used Tapjoy for couple years

  4. Poop says:

    The app trailers is a scam I’m not sure what the bases of it is but thegreenling is his username and the trailers y’all watch add points to his thegreenling account. Cause it’s saying that y’all watched the trailers thanks to him so it gives him points. I think it gives the person actual money for iTunes

  5. Anonymous says:

    How does the second method affect our phone settings?

  6. Ryan says:

    For this step in Method 1 “Click the bottom right tab called settings and register your account. Use my referral code “thegreenling” this will give you easy extra points. You can do this by going to the video tabs and clicking on ” Enter Bonus Code “. You will immediately get 90 points.” I could not find any place to input the referral code …. also for the tapjoy thing, the Hobbit app is not showing up for me either

  7. Dan says:

    In terms of tapjoy, I have found out after a ton of frustration that downloading the tapjoy app itself rather than going through the game is 100% times more reliable. Hopefully save some others a headache. Thanks for the post.

  8. Fethien says:

    The tapjoy one only gets you a small amount of mithril because once you go through about 10 of the apps the free ones disappear and you’re stuck with the paid ones. I got about 20mithril and wasted it on gollums riddle, dont do what i did, spend it on the cheap chest of the day in the shop for tier3/4 troops. I dont know how ofter the tapjoy offers reset but i stayed off it for 2 days and when i came on only 3 new free offers were on it. Beware of the ones that say free but then it turns out you need to link to facebook or login etc and make accounts.

  9. Athena says:

    I got 100 mithrils from using the second way! Thx so much!!!

  10. James says:

    Hey I am using both of these but ITunes doesn’t come up on apptrailers…why is this??

  11. Brian says:

    Great guide. I haven’t tried app trailer but tapjoy is great. However very slow. neither of these methods are really worth it in the long run but if just trying to get 2nd city deed tapjoy is great. got it within an hour and a half while doing other stuff. the good deals get used up quick on tapjoy, however, so long term your better off to get a job to pay for mithril. even if your a kid, cutting grass or pet sitting will get you more money and therefore mithril faster than either of these methods.

  12. Eric white says:

    Hi I downloaded several of the tapjoy games and out of the 5-6 I downloaded I only got mithril for 2 at the most? What’s up with that? Is it error or are u wasting my time with pointless game downloads?

  13. Mike says:

    the hobbit doesnt come up in my apps via the tapjoy thing for me :?

  14. caza says:

    You can do the second way to get free mithral on the hobbit app

  15. Kail says:

    And 2nd I downloaded almost all the apps in tapjoy’s offers but I could only ger 15 mithril, what could be a problem? :(

  16. Kail says:

    Hey! I can’t find Itunes cards in “Apptrailers” can I use Google pay instead? And do I have to have my card linked for it to work?

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