The Grinns Tale FAQ

The Grinns Tale FAQ by Solsund

I see certain questions constantly asked about in chat so I figured there was a need for this.

Where can I find Shiny Ruby?
This question gets asked far more than any other. Shiny Ruby is an item that does not show up as Rare in game but is very rare. They drop from any of the four bosses so far in the game. It really helps to be using Pickpocket so the boss will drop extra items or even two Rubies at once. There are also a few set places where you will gain a Shiny Ruby the first time you do them. Beating the first map in Highland Falls, getting to the chest in the first Ironbound map and beating the second Boss on Floor 13 all give you Rubies.

Where can I find X item?
Here’s a list of the common items people ask for in the very start of the game. I only list the easiest enemies to get them from as you likely do not need them by the time you get to the high level ones.
Smashed Goggles: From Shocker enemies of which only one can be found on Floor 3 of the Tower. If you can get far enough in Highland Falls 1 you can find a fight against six of them.
Mysterious Feather: Each boss drops them and the first boss is a very easy source of these feathers.
Swamp Turnip: These drop from Zappers which start to show up at the last room on Floor 7. Floor 8 is easier as one is in the very first fight and Floor 10 comes with three in the second room.
Ancient Bills: These drop from Sureshots which show up after the Floor 4 boss fight.

How do I equip my heroes skills or change my class?
Changing your skills or class is locked until you reach the right spot in the game tutorial. The spot you are looking for is just after beating the first boss, on Floor 4. Your Mysterious Girl will ask you to upgrade your Hero’s Monument to Rank 3. When that is complete you will gain the Knight hero and they will give you the quest to change your abilities. At this point you can also change your job class.

What are Subjobs and why are they useful?
Each class has certain Attacks and Abilities they gain when they level. Attacks are things that you have to actively do in battle, such as spell casting or attacking. Abilities are passive bonuses that help your character out. Once a character gains one of these Abilities you can equip them when that Hero is not playing that class, though you can only equip one. This allows you to combine useful abilities like having your Knight have Regen or your Adventurers have Ricochet.

Does Ricochet work with Healing or Wizard attacks?
The Ricochet ability makes a Physical hit against an enemy hit an extra one (or two if upgraded) targets. Because of this it only works on attacks and will not help you spread out your Healing, which is kind of sad.

How does Pickpocket work? Will it help my chances is I have more than one Adventurer with it equipped?
It will and it will not. Pickpocket will boost the drop rate of crafting items from an enemy but only if it happens to be the attack that deals the killing blow. Simply hitting the enemy at some point with Pickpocket is not enough to make extra items drop. Having multiple Adventurers with it equipped with raise the chance of the final blow being from Pickpocket but it makes more sense to simply watch closely and when the enemy is low enough only leave that Adventurer attacking. When only one item drops from a Pickpocket kill you still get more than one of that item.

What does Happiness do? How can I gain a higher Happiness capacity? What’s a Fuzzlehorn?
Happiness is a stat that determines how happy your villagers are. This has no major effect on the game play. What it does affect is what type of decorations you are able to build and also how strong of a potion your villagers may drop when they talk to each other. You gain a higher Happiness capacity by building decorative items for your villagers. The Fuzzlehorn is a building that raises your Happiness cap buy a small amount and makes it so that instead of chatting you can send your villagers to pet it, which gains three happiness instead of one.

How do I get refined gear? Does Rallying cause it to become refined?
Well, first off I’d like to apologize for my comment on the game as when I posted it I’d only had two items show up Refined and both of them came when I had used Rally to build the item almost instantly. What I said in the comment seems to be wrong.

Refined gear appears to be created with a low chance whenever you craft an item from a Guild building. You can raise the chance for sure by using a Refined piece of gear to craft it. Using Rally on the item as it is being made may or may not affect the chance. Using a higher rank building to craft a lower rank item might also affect this. As of this point no one I have talked to has gotten a Refined item from the Weapon/Armor shops.

Where do I get the upgrade for Rank 1 Weapon/Armor shops? I have Rank 2 already!
This is because they are random drops from two floors. Rank 1 drops from Floor 10 (along with a lot of other things) and Rank 2 drops from Floor 12. Most people do not replay each floor so they go right past Floor 10 and then grind on Floor 12 once the second boss proves too much for them. The game always tries to provide a reward from the highest floor you reach so it rewards Rank 2 and then when no more Floor 12 rewards exist it goes back and gives out the ones from Floor 10.

Where do I get the new rank of X Guild?
These seem to be on set floors so I don’t know why they are not listed as drops. If they are not in a specific order then you will always receive one new Rank the first time you finish the listed Floor.
Adventurer 2 – Floor 6
Cleric 2 – Floor 10
Archer 2 – Floor 11
Wizard 2 – Floor 12
Knight 2 – Floor 14
Berzerker 2 – Floor 15

Rank 3 buildings I do not have written down but started dropping around 21 or 22.

Adventurer 4 – Floor 34
Cleric 4 – Floor 33
Archer 4 – Floor 30
Wizard 4 – Floor 32
Knight 4 – Floor 31
Berzerker 4 – Floor 35

Where can I farm Wood/Metal?
Well, first off you want to read my other post here about the most efficient way to do farming.

Next where you farm fully depends on where you can manage to survive, especially when you are using three Adventurers.

Floor 4 is a great place as not only do you want to get the Rubies but they have a bunch of Sweeper you can kill in one hit. Sweepers drop small amounts when hit but five Wood when killed. It’s very easy to have a single Adventurer do every attack and get ten a kill. This really helps when just starting.

Highland Falls 1 is a great area as well. Not only are there a good amount of Sweepers to kill but the Shockers and Sureshots also drop 10/20 each on death. If you happen to be sneaky you can also stock up quite well in the Quest area for Highland Falls, Burned Village. It ends with three fights against the Smoker clan each in their own room so you gain your health back each time. They drop 20-30 a kill. You can only do this again by choosing “Replay”. Once you leave you will not be able to go back.

Once you are up to the higher Floors the first room on Floor 18 is wonderful as it contains fifteen total Sweepers of different Strengths. Sadly Heavy Sweepers do not drop resources on death but drop decent on every hit.

Lastly, Ironbound 1 is the main Wood farming spot for higher levels. There are a very large amount of enemies here that drop large Wood amounts and you can get 2500 a run with a full Adventurer party.

Early on you do not need much metal so the first good farming spot is Level 10. The Sureshots drop metal when hit and the Zappers do as well. I would get about 100 a run using only Scavenger 2 attacks. Once you start to kill them in one hit this turns poor.

A decent amount comes from Highland Falls 1 and if you can get there Highland Falls 4 Room 1 also has a good amount.

Ironbound 1 once again is on the list with a very good amount of Metal from the Sharpshooters and Smoker clans you have to fight. Doing this one over and over for the metal will max your Wood awfully fast.

Floor 22 is the best spot I’ve found so far as it contains the best Metal enemy in the game: Fault. Fault drops two on hit and five on death. It is one of the only enemies to drop five metal a kill and the only one that drops metal on hit as well. The first room contains five Faults and two Jolter. It is not worth doing the rest of the floor as it is much harder and has little Metal. Ironbound 4 also contains Faults in the very start and is easier to go in, fight and come back out of but is much much harder to reach.

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