The Grinns Tale Tips and Tricks

The Grinns Tale Tips and Tricks by jutelr

Resource Gathering
I played all the way until floor 25, all of Highland Falls, and part of Ironbound.
Best place to gather Wood and Metal was Highland Falls 3 & 4
Highland Falls 3 gives about 1293 Wood and 264 Metal if using and Adventurer with Scavenge II
Highland Falls 4 gives about 1797 Wood and 369 Metal if using and Adventurer with Scavenge II. Highland Falls 4 is more time consuming which creates a bigger need of food, which I don’t really recommend.

Hameil’s Item Shop
First thing to do is use your Pramin once you have enough to buy Wild Waves it’s the most versatile one and works great with Wizards and Archers especially if they do a critical.

Cleric’s Haste
Clerics have the ability to make another class double or even triple it’s attack damage. If you used Haste during the early stages of the game the ability sucked, once you have a leveled up healer with decent equipment you will be able to accomplish this feat. Just swap out the Cleric with someone else once you increased your party speed at least twice.
You can make your Knight almost invincible with haste, just equip the Knight with Lifesteal + Ricochet and you are good to go, or you can make a killing machine with other class.
I’m pretty sure there is a cap on speed I need confirmation on this tough.

Equipment Sets
You may be wondering why they unlock 2 equipment sets once you upgrade any class building 2 times, one usually tends to lean towards speed, and the other towards attack. For the most part the one with speed tends to be better choice, but this is where you are wrong it all depends on play style and ties in back to Cleric’s Haste.
Let’s take the Marksman and Soldier set for the Archer
Marksman gives you 73 attack, 33 defense, 52 Health, and gives you First Attack for damage
Soldier gives you 43 attack, 60 defense, 9 speed, and chance up for status effects
Now normally you would say that Soldier Set is better since it doubles the Archer’s speed therefore doubling his attack power, as that is the case, but that is if you don’t use a Cleric. I have a level 18 Cleric with Tuck Set 1st haste is 6, 2nd haste is 3, that’s already 9. This means that Marksman with Cleric will have double it’s speed thereby doubling his attack power, while Soldier will only be increasing it’s speed by half.
Marksman’s normal speed is 9 + 9 = 18, speed doubled x2
Soldier’s normal speed is 18 + 9 = 27, speed increased by half 1.5x
This is with a Cleric who’s only level 18 with the 2nd equipment set.

Once again this depends on play style, since this is a bit of a hassle.

Subjob Abilities
For me the only usefull Subjob abilites for each class are the following
Adventurer – Lifesteal, Ricochet
Knight – Ricochet, Rage
Archer – Lifesteal, First Attack
Berserker – Lifesteal, Ricochet
Wizard – Lifesteal, First Attack
Cleric – Magic Up, Spike Armor

Attack Power from strongest to weakest
Defense Power from strongest to weakest
Speed from best to worst

Adventurers – They are mainly used for gathering materials, but make decent fighters due to high speed and average attack and above average defense. His First Attack ability is pretty useful for other classes. Can be pretty decent when put in the front lines.

Archer – If any enemy has an element this is the assassin for the job, if not then it has pretty decent damage, his attacks are also ranged meaning even if the enemy is on the back lines he will reach it, and lastly it’s Ricochet ability is one of the best. Never put an archer in the front lines.

Wizard – Attacks all enemies on screen with elemental damage, very useful especially if combined with a cleric with haste. Extremely useful when you have 3+ enemies on screen. Never put in front lines

Cleric – The only support class in the game, can heal or increase the speed of other characters. Can easily make a character double or even triple his damage output as well as making them near invincible. Never ever put in the front lines.

Knight – Your tank, his main purpose is to stay alive to protect the rest of your party. Has pretty decent damage, but other classes out damage him due to his low speed. With Cleric’s haste can me made near invincible while dishing out good damage.

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