The Grinns Tale Efficient Resource Farming Guide

The Grinns Tale Efficient Resource Farming Guide by Solsund

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where the best place to farm resources is and the answer I keep giving is that it is less about where and more about how. Where is highly dependent on your level but as long as you can survive the fight this way works for all of them.

First, we’re going to want to use Adventurers as they have an attack called Scavenge that causes all resources gained from that attack to be doubled, tripled for the second rank. Having your party be three Adventurers is the best way to maximize resource gain.

Enemies drop resources from two type of things. They have a value they drop every time they take a hit, no matter how weak the hit is. They also have resources they drop when the hit is the one that kills them. If you manage to kill a creature in a single hit you will only get the kill resources.

So the idea is to do as many small attacks as possible to force the enemies to give up the most amount of resources. This can be done by equipping your Adventurers with weak weapons but while this works it boosts the resources from hits. For monsters like Fault who drop 2 Metal a hit but 5 on a Kill it does not work as well.

What works better is to take those Adventurers and level them as Archers so they gain the ability Ricochet at Level 8. Ricochet hits the main target then chooses another target and hits them with a smaller damage attack. There is also a second rank of Ricochet at Archer Level 22 that adds a third attack. This also has the added benefit of causing higher damage with less food use.

Here are numbers that help highlight the differences. All tests were done on Ironbound 1 with three Adventurers.

With Scavenger alone:
2550 Wood, 444 Metal with 94 food usage. Adjusted for food usage it is 2207 Wood, 176 Metal.

With Scavenger and Ricochet:
2700 Wood, 762 Metal with 72 food usage. Adjusted for food usage it is 2438 Wood, 557 Metal.

Now as my Scavenger give triple resources we can adjust these for attacking without Scavenger on leaving us with 557 Wood, -120 Metal and 638 Wood, 49 Metal respectively.

With less food usage that also means less attacks needed which means you finish the level faster, increasing the number of attempts you can get in in the same amount of time.

Use a party of three Adventurers with Ricochet (Archer ability) and Scavenge.

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