TERA Online Vanarch Guide

TERA Online Vanarch Guide by Eziel

I am putting this together, because when I started out as a new Vanarch I had no clue what I was doing :) I hope this is helpful to our new and upcoming Vanarchs on all servers in the Tera community!

Table of Contents:
* What are Policy Points?
* How do you earn Policy Points?
* How do you spend your Policy Points?
* Taxation With Representation…Sorta
* Vanarch Honor Steed
* Announcement Ability
* Video Highlighting Everything

En Masse Vanarch Page: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/political-system

*~What are Policy Points?~*
Policy Points are what a Vanarch uses to make changes into the region they reign over. There are many alterations that a Vanarch can make from switching a zone from PvP to PvE or vice versa. Open up Speciality Shops, Brokerage, trainers and clerics of resotration.

*~How do you earn Policy Points ~*
To gain these policy points there are 2 different types of Vanarch quest available. I break these down to Vanarch ONLY Quest and Guild Vanarch Quest. These quest are easily differentiated by the points you receive. A Vanarch ONLY Quest are worth 100 Policy Points. Guild Vanarch Quest are 500 Policy Points.

Where do you receive these Vanarch Quest? Good question, the Guild Mission Board.
Is there a limitation to the number of Vanarch Quest I can have at one time? NO, pick up ALL the quest when available. This makes your job and your guildmaster’s job a lot easier.

While the Vanarch ONLY Quest only give 1 person (the guild master) policy points, the other guild members in his party can help him kill BAMs and/or Mobs faster to obtain these.

Guild Vanarch Quest are given for killing World Bosses ranging from level 20-60. You MUST be 1 level below or 5 levels above the Vanarach Quest to be able to obtain the quest from the mission board and get credit. The 500 policy points is for EACH member in the killing party. Meaning if you have a FULL party of 5 guild members and you get the kill credit for the world boss you will obtain 2,500 total from all 5 members in your guild that killed the world boss that were in the party. You do NOT have to have the guild master in party at all to receive credit.

Once you have aquired your kill credit, you must redeem the policy points at the Guild Quest NPC. Only then does your guild receive the policy points from the quest. You do NOT have to do anything else. These policy points are automatically put into the vanarch policy points after you turn in the quest.

If you’re running for Vanarch the next cycle, you can get the quest completed, but hold on to them. What I mean by this is you kill the world boss and get credit. DO NOT turn into the Guild Quest NPC for credit. You can hold onto these until the next cycle and turn them in at the beginning of your next reign. This is especially a good idea, since a lot of guild slack off on killing world bosses the last couple weeks of their riegn it seems.

The easiest method for gaining Policy Points is to gain “Praise”. As Vanarch you should have EVERY guild member praise as often as possible (limit is once every 24 hours). You receive 5 Policy Points per praise. One player can make 8 characters past level 10 and get you up to 40 Policy Points per day.

*~How do you spend your Policy Points?~*
You can do 1 of 2 things with your Policy Points. Purchase items with policy points for your realm. Or you may change your edicts using those points. To do this you must find the Aide in your city!! When I first got Vanarch this was not clear to me how to do this, I had to ask about where to do the policies etc…

Vanarch Shop currently only has 1 item that is a flag with your emblem on it. This will cost 200 policy points for EACH flag. It is then put into your item bag and you can place them anywhere in your realm. You can remove the flag after it is placed, but that flag is destoryed and you cannot receive the 200 policy points back. I wish you could pick up the flags and put it back into your inventory. Limitation of flags is 10 being active.

Edicts are your 2nd thing you can use policy points for. I have listed below the items and cost for each:
Change PvP to PvE or Vice Versa: 5,000 Policy Points
Open the Speciality Store: 1,500 Policy Points (ONLY 1 day)
Open the Brokerage: 500 Policy Points (ONLY 1 day)
Open the Trainers: 500 Policy Points (ONLY 1 day)
Open the Cleric of Restoration: 500 Policy Points (ONLY 1 day)

To have your shops open for the full 28 day reign you will need 84,000 Policy Points. Which is roughly 33.6 World Bosses a FULL group of 5 guildmates will have to kill.
There is a button on ALL stores that says “Change”. This will CLOSE your stores!!!!! If you have a store open for 10 days and accidently select this option, then you have in essencese LOST all those points you put into the store. This can accidnetly be selected. ( To help vanarchs there should be a confirmation for this :( ) Be VERY VERY careful when issuing edicts.

*~Taxation With Representation…Sorta~*
Luckily the changing of taxes does NOT cost any policy points. You can change the taxes at the Aide using the Taxation button. There are 6 various areas you can change your taxes for:

General Goods Sales Tax
Cyrstal Sales Stax
Speciality Store Sales Tax
Flight Tax
Skill Training Tax
Teleportal Tax

You can change your taxes from 1% to 15% in incriments of .1%. In order to receive this gold, you must go to the Aide and under Taxation withdraw your funds. This is NOT automatically put into Vanarch’s Bank. It also keeps track of your total gross earnings that has already been withdrawn.

*~Vanarch Honor Steed~*
One of the the few amenities of being a Vanarch is that you get a cool mount =)This mount is the FASTEST in game for players at 290 speed.

*~Announcement Ability~*
This is just a perk. But in the Nexus areas it’s a benefit to the players if the Vanarch of the region uses the Vanarch Announcements for call outs of the nexus. This is a way for the Vanarch to make announcements in his region. Announcements look like gold lettering that comes across everyone’s screen that is in the Vanarchs Providence. You MUST be in your providence to make an announcement. You can NOT make them if you’re outside of your Providence.

The command is /o for announcements in your providence.

This is very useful if you’re hosting an event or trying to get rid of a pesky PKer in the area and organize help.

*~ Video Highlighthing Everything~*

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