TERA Online Archers Tips

TERA Online Archers Tips

Ten Tactics Tips for Archers

1) Think of your quiver as a toolbox. You have skills for every situation: arrows that penetrate armor, hit multiple enemies, or apply crowd control. Sometimes damage is all you care about, but often you’ll want to combine damage with another effect to make life easier for you and your allies.

2) Know when to move! TERA is a game of movement, and you can’t rely on good looks and long range to keep you safe. When the monsters get close enough to engage you in melee combat, pop your Backstep skill to leap backward or shoot a Breakaway Bolt that’ll explode in your foe’s face while launching you to the safety of long range.

3) Know when to stay put. One of your signature skills is Radiant Arrow, which deals a truckload of damage but requires you to hold the attack button down. When you release the button, you launch the arrow, and the longer you wait, the more damage you’ll inflict.

4) The right trap for the right job. At the very least, you should be laying Explosive Traps and Poison Traps to deal more damage and add some mayhem to the battlefield. You can lure key enemies into traps like Slow Trap and Concussion Trap as well, to keep them busy until you’re ready to deal with them.

5) One eye on the target, one eye on your mana bar. You have to manage your mana like a spellcaster. You’ll start with a full bar, but you’ll have to balance your big-bang skills with more ordinary-but still lethal-arrows so you don’t run out of mana before the fight’s over.

6) Nothing deals more damage than staying alive. Especially in a boss fight, you’ll face the choice of moving out of harm’s way or shooting just one more arrow. The leading cause of death among archers is “one more arrow.” Dead archers deal no damage, so keeping yourself alive is almost always the right choice.

7) Strive for self-sufficiency. The priests and mystics are busy people, and they’ll spend most of their time taking care of the tanks and melee damage-dealers. Use potions, charms, and the other contents of your backpack to keep yourself healthy. That way you can do your job unimpeded, and the healers can do their jobs, too.

8) Know thy enemy. Is the Penetrating Arrow a good idea because your enemy has heavy armor, or would a Poison Arrow be a better idea because you know the fight will last ten more seconds? In-the-moment assessments like that are what differentiate a good archer from a great archer.

9) Your arrows can blot out the sun. Often you’ll face a dozen foes or more in TERA. Use Rain of Arrows and Arrow Volley to attack them all at once. Just because real-world archers aim at one target at a time doesn’t mean you have to.

10) In PvP, two things matter: movement and burst damage. Keep your feet moving, and take your adversaries’ feet away with with Web Arrow and Restraining Arrow. Then drill them with Rapid Fire and pity them because you’re an archer and they’re not.

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