TERA Online Making Munsell Dyes Guide

TERA Online Making Munsell Dyes Guide by MentosNsoda

Munsell dyes are crafted dyes. They allow you to use 4 different sliders to make your own color. The final color also depends on the original color of the item. So for example if you are dying a very dark item, you might find it difficult to obtain anything close to true white.

Upon crafting you will RANDOMLY generate either:
1) Handmade Munsell Dye (lasts 24 hour of IN GAME play time).
2) Premium Handmade Munsell Dye (lasts 7 days of IN GAME play time).

You will need the following items which are randomly gathered from plants or bought from broker. NOTE: VERDIGRIS FLAKES are mined from rocks/ore not plants.

12 Cochineal Beetles
12 Pupurin Roots
12 Saffron Stalks
12 Indigo Petals
12 Murex Snails
50 Verdigris Flakes

STEP 2: you will need the following two items bought from a “Dye Merchant” in one of the 3 main cities: Velika, Allementhia, or Kaitor

a) 3 Empty Vials
b) 1 munsell dye kit

You will need to be by a campfire then right click on the munsell dye kit in your inventory.

The location of the “Dye Merchant” are as follows:

1) “Skyli” in Velika:

2) “Kulin” in Allementhia:

3) “Giralin” in Kaitor:

PRO TIP: Level 60 plants in Pathfinder’s post will randomly gather Cochineal Beetles, Pupurin Roots, Saffron Stalks, Indigo Petals, and Murex Snails with fast respawn of the plants.

VERDIGRIS FLAKES: In Bastion town, there is a row of rock ores guarded by easy to kill robots that yield both xermetal ore and the needed verdigris flakes and the rocks respawn once every 60 seconds. so you can farm for drops from the robots while farming verdigris flakes. Also verdigris flakes in themselves can potentially be profitable averaging give or take 1g each.

The locatiion is HERE:

Regular Handmade Munsell dye sell on the Broker/ Auction house between 50-100g EACH.

Premium Handmande Munsell sell on the Broker/ Auction House between 150g-300g EACH.

Many of you already have most if not all these gathered materials in your inventory, so why not put them to good use?

Here’s to adding some color in your life and gold in your pockets!

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