Soul of Guardian Getting Epic Pets Guide

Soul of Guardian Getting Epic Pets Guide by reni_vth

Hello everyone!!
The Epic Pet are preciated for everyone, but we knoe, it’s hard to get one

That’s why i decided to make this guide, to help you to get your own Epic Pet.


Wee Panda
Ashram Cat
Ninja Rabbit
Little Panda
Little Mermaid
Little Fire Dragon
Little Fox

Here are listed all ways to get an Epic Pet.

Let’s Start:


The best and fastest way for get an Epic Pet for only 888 Unbound Gold!!

Press the “pet” tag, and buy the pet you want (make sure you have 888 gold):

2 – [PET SHOP]

An alternative way is search for one pet in the Pet Shop. All you need is 20.000 silver and PATIENCE (the pet shop are refreshed every hour):

Open your Pet Screen (Shortkey: P) and press the “Buy” tag:

You can refresh the pet shop by purchase this item for 9 gold from Item Mall (pet section):

(Note: The chance of get an Epic Pet improve if you use it)


You need to pass the dungeon successfully for get a chance to get an Epic Pet.

After pass successfully all 3 rounds you can try your luck in the Lottery fr get an Epic Pet:

4 – [EVENTS]

In certain event you are allowed to win Epic Pets as reward; and in certain event you can buy them for a better price in Item Mall.

Or you can try your luck by buy the Lucky Pet Egg in Item Mall for 39 gold:



5 – [QUEST]

At level 50 you can accept the Mermaid Legend by talking to Vic in Xando City
The Mermaid Legend quest allow you to get an Epic Pet named Mermaid after complete 2 quests:

– First quest:

You need to “fish” Torn Page Of Mermaid Legend (x500) in any Fishing Pond (here you need Patience too).
After that you get a Book as reward (needed for the next quest): Mermaid Legend

– Second Quest:

Here you need to “fish” Old Silver Carp (x10) in any Fishing Pond ( Sea Emperor needed)
Also you can buy them from AH for Unbound Silver.

After that, if you have the 10 Old Silver Carp and the Mermaid Legend in your inventory, talk to Vic (in Xando City) for get your preciated Mermaid

Mermaid Stats:

(Note: Starts with 10 Growth)


One of the best ways to get an Epic Pet easyly is transmutating 30 Rare Pets into an Epic one:

That’s all for now, good luck with your new Epic Pet!!

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